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  1. Included in this lot are the Yamato brand 1/48 scale Macross VF-1J Valkyrie variable fighter, Hikaru Ichijo version, with box and instructions. Also included are the Yamato brand 1/48 scale Macross VF-1 Valkyrie Super & Strike parts set, but with no box.

    The VF-1 box has wear on the edges. It is not mint or pristine, but it is not torn or dented. It includes the plastic carrier for the Valkyrie and all of its' accessories, as well as the plastic carrier top. The instructions and decals are still in their original plastic baggie. All original accessories are included with the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie itself has been panel lined with a medium grey to accentuate the panel depth. Please see the images to view the lining. The Super & Strike parts set does not have the original box or packaging, but is complete. The Valkyrie was on display for many years and so does have dust on it and will probably require a good cleaning with compressed air. Due to the nature it which the Valkyrie was displayed (on a flight stand), the paint has suffered some damage on the underside landing gear cover.

    It is currently listed on ebay for USD $399.95- https://www.ebay.com/itm/202734192803

    However I will sell to any member of this group for USD $300.

    If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to message me.


  2. 8 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

    Ever since the XP-38 came out......errr, I mean the Bandai DX VF-1J, the 1/48 Yamatos just aren't in demand....only the "special" releases such as the woodland camo, Macross Chronicle releases, or stealth fetch higher prices...

    Hey, thank you for your response! I am a little disappointed, as that valuation is significantly less than I paid for everything... but I completely understand where it is based on the market. Thank you again!

  3. Hello everyone. I have put up my 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Hikaru w/ Super/Strike parts for sale on ebay but I do not really know if my price is fair. Can I get some guidance from the community on this, based on the condition, etc? It is located at - https://www.ebay.com/itm/202734192803

    The relevant info is: 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Hikaru with box. Super/STrike parts set without box. the Valk box has wear, Valk has panel lining, there is paint damage on the underside (where it rested on a display stand), no box for the super/strike parts. Have it up for $400 incl. shipping. 

    Based on other 'sold' items I feel like I priced it correctly but I am not even sure. Thank you all for any guidance.

  4. To be fair, the only brand confusion was with Matchbox when they summarily invented names and Palladium ran with them. The original Macross names are used commonly throughout Robotech; Valkyries are called Valkyries, Defenders called Defenders, Regults called Regults...

    regarding the YF/VF - technically aren't all the prototypes called YF before becoming production VF?

  5. Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a 1/60 Yamato v1 VF-1A Hikaru (DYRL) and a set of the 1/60 v1 GBP Armor, but the armor doesn't seem to fit quite right on the Valkyrie. For example, the chest armor doesn't clip into the cockpit shield, so I have to remove the cockpit shield, so the armor just hangs off the Battroid. Am I doing something wrong, or is the armor just not compatible with it?

  6. Hi everyone,

    I had always intended to buy one of the 1/60 Strike Valkyries, and of course, the moment I do, Yamato is out of business :(

    I was hoping someone had an extra 1/60 Strike Valkyrie to sell. I just want one to put on display; I'm not even worried about the box being in mint condition or anything.

    I would like one of the version 2 "perfect transformation" ones if possible, without cracked shoulders...

    Please email me at judge242 at gmail dot com, or message me here, if you are selling one. Thank you!


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