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  1. yeah I can see its about $40 cheaper!!! thanks for the advice
  2. Thanks for your fast reply and help its greatly appreciated. how dissapointing about no english games though, I'll start searching for the Macross 30 straight away on good old ebay. look fordward to reading your translation guide. Its good to see there are people out there to help the less fortunate haha
  3. Hi All, sorry to sound like a newbie but just discovered this site existed, but a long time fan of the series. Just trying to find out if there are any robotech / Macross / ACE games in english out there other than the 2 that came out on ps2 battlecry and invasion many years ago to the world. I'm in Australia and we don't get half the games the rest of the world gets as you can imagine and if I do find new games there in Japanese only in Australia and the asain game stores. your advice will be much appreciated Regards Ben
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