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  1. Hi guy. Zinjo: Lol I canĀ“t handle it. chillyche: Your words make all the effort worthwhile. Ganbare: Yes, a lot of eggplane looks like crap but a few of them are awesome. Very happy you like my video. coronadlux: Good eye. Right. in some point of timing pull a "key frame" who make the bug animation. Sorry don't see it before to upload to vimeo. If someone wants to follow my works please suscribe here: http://www.facebook.com/cuerno.muerto
  2. Zinjo, maybe this like it. "http://vimeo.com/62785850"
  3. Hi EXO. Nice to meet you. Yes, is a 3d model. As you said the egg plane toy was a base reference. Use others. reviews or youtube videos like that were show a opening sd macross - parody for arms and legs. Nel hi. Im glad you like it. Yes the dirty effect make it more interesting.
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