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  1. i recomand togearwalk to make search of items quest,in fighter you can easely pass without see blue mark because of speed and apear distance,specially in Desert
  2. sorry i have just missanderstand the recomand control part
  3. really ,even thr ps3 browser load this To me Ranka is the best heal singer because lots of ennemies almost stop move or shoot when she sing. after sheryl is not bad,Minmay is decent too but at low level the heal power is low,Mylene was not a good healer his heal power look like lower than other at same level
  4. well work, you recomand A control ,it is maybe good because unintuitive near psp games ,but only the 2 other have the zoom and aim feature that is really cool and work well to do lots of critical hit and head-shoot it would be cool to translate pilot skill too
  5. this race is not easy,you have to found the best road to not lose time,stay in fighter mode exept shoot the "canyon's in gearwalk",and change batloid when you are on top on the column to take them enought fast it is really the only little hard one,even the 2 other 10th was easy you can not change difficulty after begin choice,game was easy in hard,i rarely use the items But in ultimate there is challenge
  6. when aranged with select the revive items are just after the repair items in your invotory and storage or in shop selection too ,you will see you can only use them when near a down wingman
  7. you can eventually play in your slim ps2 with magic swap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAFoA_neI9E
  8. the bandits for VF25 armored are in a stage of the map in end afer you unlock all bad guy pilots and other caracters like Basara ,you unlock there custom unit too you will unlock too all custom valk rank 1,so it can be more easy to build rank 2 you have from quest :to buit directly the vf27 custom you need near 160 part of eatch(can be hard in 50) ,after unlock rank 1 by finish the game you need just someting like 60 of eatch after unlock red Queadluun custom wen can see 3 empty slots by left,1 is for the green unit from a zentrady bad guy you battle few time with another guy,still 2 empty box near this one
  9. i finally finish the game in hard with all golg medals,all guild missions and the 100 stones in.....85h i do not anderstand a world of jp,,to item quest if there is not spot in map : -you have maybe already the item the storage or you need items from yellow spot,there is 2 missions from SDF08 ask item you can eventually gain when you destroy cocoon second one ask 30(not the one you gain a lot..) the only missions that take me time was few destroy missions, some targets apear in random in smal number, if you found one you can eventually enter a base and back to make reapear,but with random spot it can even not work, if you really do not found try eventually cave or stages,(and back regulary in can give 1chest with good items to build units) i remenber a quest in desert :take me 20mn to kill 9/10...i take me 1h to found a last!
  10. no to the F25 armor quest i have kill enemies in a dongeon but i have another red lv 38 quest to kill 15 enemies to have VF19F in reward in chapter 7,i search more than 1h and do not found,maybe it was bandit??,i everitime kill them when i come in map,i wonde if there will have other in chapter 8/9,i have take time to do all quest it would be frustring if i can not do just this one
  11. you really loose the quest reward when you are full?? i was thinking they was send storage..now i wonder if i have loose interessants stuffs..but after 70h and in chapter 7 i will just take car in ng+ .
  12. i am only in chapter 5.....but with 50h ..(i have VF-171EX),i have too all rank 2 until VF1S
  13. custom version and pack have standalone blueprint there is lots of to gain in hunter guild,few in race(just do silver medal)
  14. in shop -buy -buy go in ship stockage sell (your inventary) sell item from ship stockage i am now in chapter 4 ,it s the second map,you can back in first map to make guild mission,there was even new one and finally gain 2 rank2 valk likeVF0D you can now boost them with little more than 100000pt... ooo save rdgulary i have just lost 2h of play because a loading freeze (only the first in 30h)
  15. to install pack,when you are in valk picture overlayed make 1 time down you will be in small text in picture down,now move right or left to change equipement
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