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  1. (sorry for reviving an old comment thread) You should have just answered. Over 9000!
  2. lol....2 of my posts, and you somehow have the items i'm looking for. I already found a Mikimoto autographed item (the ones i'm left looking for is in my signature) but tq very much for the reply man.
  3. totally fake....its just 1000%. if he were to put it OVER 9000! %then id buy it in a heartbeat.... but seriously...they already charged you?do update us once your parcel arrives. or they charge cheap for the figure only to have the shipping cost cover the real price...
  4. Hi guys, I know autographs are hard to come by, but would anyone be willing to sell me some if you are willing to part with your extras? I have a Mari Ijima, and now looking for 1 from Kawamori & Mikimoto-san autographed items. Have posted this in the Wanted thread as well. TQ.
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