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  1. Or is it Vivid Red? Heh, "dred" with "vivi". Anyway, just because it causes a bunch of hub-ub and I didn't want to feel left out I decided to go against my better judgment and see what is being called "Strike Witches light" as it comes out on Morkyroll. Personally? On one hand it is magic girl junk *shrivels*, the butt shots and transformation scenes are annoying (I'd say worse but they're in middle school), for such a heavy sci-fi atmosphere some things just don't add up, the music varies from okay to awful, and first time I'm saying this anywhere but everyone looks too shiny and blushy, it is irritating. On the other hand the setting visuals and style are very well crafted and colorfully pleasing and there are MONSTERS OF THE WEEK! So few of those exist in anime anymore and it really is something nice to see that in something that airs! And they have a marine animal and robotic motif to them! The characters aren't too annoying, kind of bland but nothing too bad, although who knows if that'll change.

    So anyone else watching?

  2. Syfy Channel originals, they are low budget classics that are primarily creature features that have been going on since 2002 with over 200 some film titles having the honor of being classified as such. With that said I figured we need a thread and I'll start by posting every original I've seen to date:

    Eye of The Beast
    Komodo vs. Cobra
    Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
    SS Doom Trooper
    Snakehead Terror
    Atomic Twister
    Curse of the Komodo
    Caved In: Prehistoric Terror
    Reign of the Gargoyles
    Headless Horseman
    Snake King
    Basilisk: The Serpent King
    Stan Lee's Harpies
    Lake Placid 2
    Lake Placid 3
    Lake Placid: The Final Chapter
    House of the Dead 2
    Dragon Fighter
    Dragon Storm
    Sands of Oblivion
    Species 3
    Species: The Awakening
    Chupacabra: Dark Seas/Chupacabra Terror
    Deep Shock
    Savage Planet
    Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep
    Something Beneath
    Mega Snake
    Spiders 2
    Alien Apocalypse
    A.I. Assault
    Project Viper
    Stan Lee's Lightspeed
    Ice Spiders
    Sasquatch Mountain
    Attack of the Sabertooth
    Bats: Human Harvest
    Alien Lockdown
    Species: The Awakening
    Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God
    Dungeons and Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness
    Wraiths of Roanoke
    Locusts: The 8th Plague
    Anonymous Rex
    Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes to Ashes
    Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud
    Raptor Island
    Dragon Dynasty
    Rock Monster
    Aztec Rex
    Anaconda 3: The Offspring
    Anacondas 4: Trail of Blood
    Monster Ark
    In The Spider's Web
    Ba'al: The Storm God
    Deadly Swarm
    Riddles of The Sphinx
    Sea Beast
    Star Runners
    Sand Serpents
    Flu Birds
    Malibu Shark Attack
    Lock Ness Terror
    Ghost Voyage
    Beyond Sherwood Forest
    Ice Twisters
    Thor: Hammer of The Gods
    Beauty and The Beast: A Dark Tale
    Mongolian Death Worms
    Dinocroc vs. Super Gator
    Stonehenge Apocalypse
    Frost Giant/Arctic Predator
    NYC: Tornado Terror
    Dark Relic
    Children of The Corn
    Triassic Attack
    Red: Werewolf Hunter
    Showdown at Area 51
    Iron Invader
    Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
    Area 51
    High Plain Invaders
    Scream of The Banshee
    Ferocious Planet
    Almighty Thor
    Sinbad and The Minotaur
    Swamp Shark
    Ice Road Terror
    Killer Mountain
    Lightning Strikes
    Aladdin and The Death Lamp
    Pegasus vs. Chimera
    Camel Spiders
    Ghost Storm
    The Book of Beasts
    Dragon Wasps

    What are your thoughts on this classic legacy? B))

  3. I love this movie! This has to be one of the greatest comedies ever between Robert (the tire) blowing up everything, reincarnating into a tricycle, and the director giving his audience food poisoning I don't see why people could hate this movie. :lol:

  4. It seems as though discussion for Age grinded to a hault during the jungle battles arc. What did you guys think about everything after and the finale? Personally I was very disappointed, so much so that I wouldn't hesitate to call it my least favorite series of the franchise (not entry though, 0080 barely hlds that title). I also didn't enjoy the FX, it just felt out of place and with Kio.... Eh, kind of ruined it for me.

  5. This place has a Garo thread? Neat!

    I watched the first series back in late 2011 and finished in mid 2012. I thought it started out kind of okay until I soaked a lot of the atmosphere in and realized just how cool this was. The horrors, the heroes, the setting, the art style (gorgeous I might add), Kiba, and pretty much everything in between was very well constructed and enjoyable. I would have liked the first series more if not for the running joke on how Kaoru gets a new job every episode (I wonder if Might Gaine inspired that?). Beast of The Midnight Sun is probably the best entry of the franchise I have seen. Red Requiem was just okay though, it felt more like an extended episode with a higher budget. Recently I started watching Makai Senki and am a good third into it, I am enjoying it more than the first series. I will be looking forward to the upcoming new movie. B))

  6. Being a tokusatsu fan (although never seeing a Super Sentai anything outside of Super Hero Wars), I checked out Akibarangers a few months ago and while it was somewhat stupid, from a humor point of view especially since I don't get otaku humor, I thought it was pretty entertaining. I doubt there was going to be a second season, but since it was announced recently I'll definitely give it a lookse! B))

  7. So much (unwarranted) hate towards Macross II. >_>

    I know right? I enjoyed quite a bit!

    Not too familiar with the Go Nagai stuff

    That guy and his works are incredible, if it is one thing you can count on Go Nagai on it is that regardless of the language he can communicate his story and it's messages very visually so very little is lost in translation. That and the guy knows how to please action hounds like myself.

    Anyway I've been watching Nadia over the past week and am up to episode 9. Good music, but other than that it is pretty boring. I cannot say I am not dissapointed that they have been building up for sea monsters and there has been nothing of the sort.
  8. VOTOMS! I have seen every major entry of the franchise and enjoyed it; the music, art style, action, characters, settings, everything about it was virtually enjoyable to a significant degree. Here are my favorite armored troopers from favorite to least favorite (although I like all of them).

    1. Blood Dog
    2. Dark Dog
    3. Ecressive
    4. Black Lightning Battalion Burglary Dog
    5. Regular Burglary Dog
    6. Rapidly Dog
    7. Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom
    8. Scopedog Turbo Custom
    9. Scopedog ISS
    10. Regular Scopedog/Scopedog 2
    11. Strike Dog
    12. Bloodsucker
    13. Order Buckler
    14. Bountydog
    15. Brutishdog
    15. Marshydog
    16. Fatty Land Type
    17. Berserga WP
    18. Berserga Imitate
    19. Berserga DT
    20. Normal Fatty
    21. Strong Bacchus
    22. Purple Bear
    23. Light Scopedog
    24. Busy Crab
    25. Diving Beetle
    26. Standing Tortoise/Mark 2
    27. Snapping Turtle
    28. Standing Turtle
    29. Berserga Praetorio
    30. Zwerg

  9. My name is DuelGundam2099. As of today I have been banned from MAHQ because the owner thought I was a troll or pretending or something (truthfully I don't know, maybe he just rage issues and took them out on me?) and am trying to find a suitable home. This is the only other mecha board on the net I know of thanks to Arbiter Gundam (not sure what his name is here). I kind of like Macross and I enjoyed 7, Zero, and the Frontier movies so.... Hi ya.

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