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  1. It's da best in my heart and that's what counts :p

    Fallacy: If you have not seen the other than you cannot say that as it is illogical.

    The entire Bayformers franchise caters to a mass of lemmings that are easily amused by explosions and shiny things, and have IQs just below room temperature, haha!

    Fallacy: Attacking your opponent with a straw-man argument. Also my IQ is in the 130s thank you very much.

  2. It's a "parody" because it took the standard cliches and dragged them to comedy through exaggeration or just haphazard implementation.

    Exaggerating cliches is not parody, that is bad writing, they never even bring it to their attention.

    You people have no appreciation for the true joys in life.

    I can enjoy things easier than most people, that was not true joy unless you have a taste for mean spirited events.

  3. It's a classic example of "so bad it's good." The thing came off as a masterful parody, and the fact that I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be taking it seriously just made it funnier.

    This is what I never got, how is VVV a "parody"? Because it is from Sunrise who has done mecha in the past? Because stock characters? Because TM Revolution did the music? Because of the amount of twists? Because Kunio Okawara's name is in this and it might be the final non-Gundam series he ever works on and GOSH DARN IT I AM STILL FRIGGIN ANGRY OVER THIS TRIPE!

  4. Muv-Luv Alternate TE I found terrible, but Zero did so many things worse that it deserved the bottom. Pretty much everything below Fate/Kaleid is a 2/10 if not 1/10 (which I have only ever assigned to Puni Puni Poemii and Valvrave out of well over 600 anime titles). However since these are eroge adaptions they get no official rating from me. Also burn out had little to do with it, I marathon anime all the time and only when the pacing is bad do I feel like that, then again I watched a lot of series with very bad pacing while juggling three Super Sentai shows, Kamen Rider Gaim, and Gundam-San (which I have been seeing as it airs and will give a review once it is over).

    Since your response was detailed as to why you felt the way you did and there was no patronizing in any way you get a point.


    Carnival Phantasm: Part of the reason Fate/ and Tsukihime are connected, this series was actually very funny with its variety of skits even if some of them fell apart. The specials were as decent although EX Season went on longer than it should. Decent for a comedy.

    Ayu-Mayu Theater: The ONA sequel to Akane Maniax which was not covered last time unfortunately. Seven episodes consisting of two minor characters being whacky with in-jokes from other eroge. Not as good as Carnival Phantasm, but is had its charm. Decent for a comedy as well.

    Fate/Stay Night: The first of the three Fate/ meta series. The characters were dull, the writing was mediocre at best, the music was amazingly lackluster, bad comedy, build up was pathetic, and worst of all the pacing was absolutely horrendous. When I mean horrendous I mean they draw LITERALLY EVERYTHING OUT LONG AFTER ITS WELCOME. Events that take up five episodes could easily be shrunken down to one. Even in the other eroge adaptions I took on never had bad pacing of this levels, it killed the anime bar none. At least the story was easy to follow, the action was decent, and the art style was good. In addition to the first TV series I took on the Unlimited Blade Works movie and GOOD LORD THIS IS ACTUALLY DECENT. The pacing, while still having some sluggish issues, is far superior despite the other problems hammering it down. Supposedly they will make a second movie and to be honest I look forward to it.

    Fate/Zero: The second of the three Fate/ meta series. This is, without a doubt, one of the worst anime of all time. I will never understand why people like this, it has nearly every problem the first series had, but worse. Yes it had some of the good aspects and the animation was upped, plus Rider was actually a likeable character (despite Saber again being the main hero). However, the pacing is not only as bad, they actually made it WORSE. Why would you have your first episode DOUBLE THE LENGTH of a normal episode? That is GTO levels of dumb. I would not mind it if they STOPPED there as every other episode insists of adding several more minutes to regular run times back and forth, leaving little to no consistency while sometimes not even playing the music. I wanted to give this series the benefit of the doubt by assuming it was for content, but some episodes will COMPLETELY CHANGE THE STORY AND FOCUS ON EVENTS THAT ARE NOT RELEVANT TO THE PLOT! They did too much of this in the second half! This is not even something where you can say "character development", not when you deliberately interrupted important plot points! Plus everything they showed could have easily been told in four minutes! Everything could have been summed up THAT easily! I keep hearing this series is good because it is "dark", but the first half of the series is not even that dark compared to standard fantasy titles. I want to call this Valvrave levels of awful, but I cannot for many reasons, the main being that was a prequel to an established story and aside from Lancelot being the berserker none of twists were out of left field or had some real build up, which is something I will give this credit. Just because some dark writer was in charge of this does not make it good.

    Fate/kalied liner Prisma Ilya: The third of the three Fate/ meta series. No question, most tolerable of the three bar none. Yes the pacing sucked, but it was actually decent for the first half of the first series. Yes it had most of the problems the first and second series did, but at least the run time was consistent. Unlike the first two series the comedy was, wait for it, actually somewhat decent! Yes! Seriously! However it had the new problem of sexualizing children.... Yes, kind of disturbing ("kind of" being a joke). It is comparable to Nanoha levels with dumb underpants shots and bath scenes, but unlike Nanoha it is not to a disgusting degree, it took me a while to figure out how this series managed to accomplish this, then I realized all the kids are drawn as adults; plus the teens and adults are sexualized too, so in a way nobody is safe. The specials were kind of dumb, especially since the vast majority of the fan service took place there. Then the second series comes in and introduces the main heroine's evil twin. Not only did fan service go up, but they added random yuri elements in it for no reason AND IT CHANGES GENRES! SERIOUSLY! The first series was basically a Cardcaptor Sakura knockoff with some more action, the second series on the other hand was a slice of life school series until the final three episodes when the only plot related event occurs with it being revealed on extra card is out there. The last episode of the second series ends saying there will be a second half. SOME HOW, DESPITE ALL THE UNNECESSARY ECCHI CRAP GOING TO NEARLY THE WHOLE CAST INCLUDING CHILDREN, THIS WAS BETTER THAN STAY NIGHT OR ZERO.

    Demonbane > Night Walker > School Days > Nanatsuiro Drops > Rumbling Hearts > Refrain Blue! > Akane Maniax > Baldr Force EXE Resolution > Carnival Phantasm > Koi-ken The Animation > Ayu-Mayu Theater > Canary > Underbar Summer > Tsukihime > Moekan The Animation > Wind -a breath of heart- > Kira Kira > Fate/kaleid liner > Triangle Heart: Sweet Songs Forever > Muv-Luv Alternate > Soul Link > Prism Ark > Prism Magical > Fate/Stay Night > Fate/Zero

    I can finally watch normal anime again, but I am too burned out to want to do so. :( And yes I will eventually take on the new KlK episode, likely when I decide to marathon a bunch of other specials I recently found available, and likely I will do this to it.


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