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  1. I see, among the brand names... yamato, arcadia, bandai, what is the best one for the toys?..
  2. Thank you very much, I didn't even know about those issues, which makes me think if i should have buy such an expensive toy which sounds very brittle.. thanks again
  3. Thanks I didn't even know there were some re-issues. The ones I see in amazon must be the first versions then... Thank you, do you know a place where I could get them?, thanks.
  4. I'm thinking in buying a DX Chogokin Brera (the red one) and the Michael one (blue one) do you think those have good quality or should I spend my money in another brand instead of bandai? I've never had one before.. thanks!
  5. I just watched the DYRL movie and it's awesome, why does Minmei stays doing 1,2,3,4 at the end?, or maybe it is before she was sing the song? also what's the name of the song in the last fight in the macross series ? is it the same on the song than in DYRL?
  6. serch

    Macross 30

    I'm just looking for the PS3 game, can you guys recommend me a legit site with a good price?, thanks!.
  7. serch

    Macross 30

    Do you know guys how much is going to be? also is it going to be sold on the US?...
  8. Oh ok thanks, I see... do you know or does anybody know where I could get for cheap that disc ? (the bluray movie and the game), thanks!.
  9. Hi there guys, is the following product: http://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-en/japanese-video-games-playstation-3/1930-ps3-chou-jikuu-yousai-macross-ai-oboeteimasuka-hybrid-pack-.html the ps3 game (my boyfriend is a pilot) and the do you remember love movie?, thanks!
  10. are those original? how come all the episodes are in 4 discs?I know it's sold already but i see them on ebay and wanted to check with someone that actually had them, thanks!.
  11. All of them? how much were you asking?.
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