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  1. These are looking awesome. I saw they are going to be released Q1 2013... Any new info I missed? price point / pre orders..? I really hope they aren't crazy $, especially since there are ment to build/share parts....
  2. That's awesome. I only wish I hade more room and vallks to display it with.
  3. So I watched DYRL and SDF. SDF was great. What do I watch next? (any ideas where can a free watch would be great too
  4. So I kept the NON 30th vf-1j and ordered fan made option parts through these forums. Seller made me a offer I couldn't refuse. I also ordered a 1/55 Roy Maybe a 30th Roy, then ill stop....lol I'm also looking at the Yamato batledroid, looks sweet.
  5. I watched DYRL and just finished SDF. SDF was great! Question is what should I watch next? (and any ideas where I can watch for free would be great too)
  6. Yea i may keep and get the custom option parts. They look sweet painted, if that's still a option. Just waiting to hear back from seller as far as price.. The fact that I have the option again is making me re think my decision of the yamato vf-1j and a 1/55 1s Roy. Now I'm thinking I should do it the opposite way.... One of my main reasons/thoughts/concern is the white white of the yamato 1j compared to the 1s. I made this decision already but as I said having the option again has my head all fkd up, again! SuperSeni I did think about painting myself but I doubt I'd be happy with the result. I don't have much experience and wouldn't want to mess him up.
  7. Nice to have some ears who can relate to my headache. Thx all! Finding the option parts in white is the issue. I'm waiting to hear back from seller. If he's willing to sell me the nin anniv at a fair price I may just get member "The Real Skull Fooker's" custom option parts and call it done. I have to ask him what color they are? I don't think white. Fk me...lol Amazon dose seem to be a mess. I wrote a few other sellers that had the the vf-1j anniversary listed and none have it! One said the amazon had the listing wrong..? As we know their prices on amazon are also all over the map. It's killing me not being able to "play" with this guy. I've researched and waited and now there one sitting here looking at me..... I'm actually thinking I may just try to return, buy the anniversary Roy edition and a 1/55 vf-1j....
  8. I just opened my 30th anniv vf-1j ...... Guess what it's not a 30th anniv. Unfkn real. I'm steaming. Not only do I have to deal with the bs amazon return. Which I hope I don't get stuck paying to ship back?! I want to open the fkn thing and I can't. I didn't even remove it from the bubble wrap. I can see there no sticker or corner wrap. Have to keep telling myself not to let a toy ruin my day......
  9. Thx, good info and advice. Now I just have to figure out if I have a good price on the OoV or a hi price on the re-issue..lol
  10. Thanks for the info. I orig thought I wanted a OoV but now I guess either will do. Anyone have a Roy version to part with??
  11. This is a newbie question. I did try to find the answer in the newbie pinned boards with no luck. What's the difference between the Origin of V. 1/55 and the macross 1/55? I know the OoV were released in 2008 as a reissue. I through the were re makes issues of the orig tatakuas..? I'm not sure when the other was released. What I'm most curious about is the differences in the toys...??? Here's a example of each of I didn't describe clearly. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251220760155?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/360575715205?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#
  12. Yea there must be something to this. Re branding doesn't make sense. Did they get brought up? Was arcadias doing anything before this?(I need to google)Update: I'm sure they will keep making V's as long as they sell...
  13. You right. I usually like options, but being new to macross toys there's too many dang options!! LOL I'm thinking clear stand and ill figure out what to do with attachment latter. Has anyone used base 2 or 3?
  14. I THINK they are just the newer release of the yamato 1/60 with some updates (shoulder hinge). The 30th anniv also comes with option parts.
  15. I'm going to grab a stand and some adapters for a 30th anniv vf-1j. I was orig thinking clear but with the white attachment pice I'm confused. Should I go gray and paint attachment or just get clear stand and leave white. (Or a white stand) Thx for your opinions.
  16. Looking for one of these little guys to fiddle with. Loose is ok. I'm open to different waves and color but would prefer a later wave (3/4) Let me know. Thx (I'm also looking for a Origin Of V. as well) Demon_seed_22 at yahoo dot com
  17. I found SDF on Hulu and started watching a few episodes only to realize it "expires" a few hours latter. I can't find online anywhere in eng sub or dub...? So I tried to watch the macross saga on Netflix. I re watched the same episode and its just not the same. SDF just sounded better and felt more mature. Ahhh. Last hope was reaching out to a friend who can hopefully rip from somewhere for me. Fingers crossed. Ill also try above link when I get off my iPad. Thx, I hope it works.
  18. I also have a amazon card. The points make it easier but I find amazon toy sellers to usually ask top dollar. Granted there are exceptions. There's a vf-1j up on eBay at a "fair" price now (I'm not the seller) Item 261167235543
  19. Thx. I did see that but i was told it expires in a day. I wish I asked here a few days ago, may have been able to have a few marathrron nights. Still yet to open acct. When shows on Hulu expire do they ever show again right after or is that it?
  20. My bad, thx. I've read through this thread but am not 100% clear. is SDF available in English dub (I think I saw no), is it available with English subtitles? Where can I order (hopefully a site in English)? Unless there's a free stream...? I'm tempted to watch macross sage just because it around and free, but would really rather to watch the orig real deal. Edit: is this really the price!? I know there's two sets but damm..500$ usd?!
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