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  1. got this today. the v2 glitter sh*t is cracking a bit on the canopy. but this is probably getting transformed once. and it's staying in battroid. i just need a 1j and i've got all the hikaru piloted valks.

    oh. and i guess it'd be nice to complete skull squadron. so if anyone wants to let go of a 1a max or kakizaki.


  2. Yeah she didn't really get it until she watched the anime and then saw the toys. My friends and I are bad influences... But my friends are knowledgeable so she goes to them first for opinions when she's thinking of getting something. She's a big fan of the singing idols- here gateway drugs were the Nendoroids.

    I'm more of an art and art book guy.

    yeah. i looked at her and was like. how you gonna buy those two nendoroids without a valk. and then walked her over to the vf-25F. and laughed.

    now she knows the anguish involved in buying valks. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

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