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  1. I honestly gotta say, I laugh every time I see someone whine about the girl idol group thing. Not interested? Don't worry, it wasn't made for you in the first place, so it's not like the sentiment matters to anyone for whom it was intended for. No need to change it, and I'll reserve my likes/dislikes of the series until it's being shown. As far as what I do see, I'm not stuck in the "What I grew up with is best" catalogue. I'm gonna keep my mind open to whatever it is that comes out. Hell, if I can watch Love Live and find it entertaining, I think I've expanded my horizon well beyond my nostalgia boundaries. I'm not saying everyone has to be on board with what they see. However, for us who live outside of Japan, we should all understand that, as I said above, this isn't made for us gritty westerners who need death, blood, and grit 100% of the time. I honestly believe that it's what makes the franchise successful. I'm sure we'll see some of that, but not in a way that many here may want or feel entitled to.

    fa sho.

  2. did anyone race these back in the nineties. i hear there are guys somewhere in san diego that race these in their backyards. for money. or so they say. plus some guys who throw a local toyshow have a decent size track that they setup.

    soi picked up one with the new chassis. but put on an old body for nostalgic reasons. the newer technology is waaaaaaaay different from what we had in ninetyseven.


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