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  1. thats a very nice and neat little collection! be good if more books were Macross related though! B))

    thanks. tried to fit as many hero valks as i could. the dyrl case is still a work in progress T_T but i guess that's the fun in collecting. trying to complete whatever it is you're trying to complete.

    more ,macross books. will do.

  2. just got mine. and it's pretty craptastic. cheap material. poor design. and waaaaaaaaay overpriced.

    still. it has it's charms. and i like it a lot.

    by itself. the flaws are noticeable big time.

    from the looks of pics. panel lining helps.

    and it seems to mesh well with other valks. in fact putting it with other valks makes it a flaw hider. you know. like a car that's body and paint is in on ok condition. but the rims are so fly. they take all the attention away from minor scratches and dings.


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