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  1. Do you have a background in character design? Yours are really good
  2. Thanks, all! I might make prints of this one
  3. Here's a new piece I just did! Gotta love the good old VF-11!
  4. Haven't posted anything in a while, so I figured I'd put up one of my Keiko concept sketches for the chapter 5 cover. I'm also happy to announce that I've got a facebook group up and running for Elysium! Any likes or comments would be appreciated. EDIT: Seems Neoka beat me to posting the facebook group...huh. https://www.facebook.com/MacrossElysium/?fref=ts
  5. WOW! I really love your design work. It looks amazingly detailed!
  6. Chapter 5 is live! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/58498902/Devious-Folder
  7. Chapter five is up and running! http://kylefalconkpd.deviantart.com/gallery/58498902/Devious-Folder
  8. Just a better way to work my comic into the universe!
  9. Oh I know, it's just that I didn't see it posted here at all. Gotta bring the news somehow, right?
  10. TIL Hayate's not-Cheyenne is called a Workroid https://twitter.com/gwyncampbell/status/717731482530263040
  11. Good news everyone! According to one of our sources, it turns out that the first Delta mini-live show will be showing this May! While it's only a month a way, it's fun to think of how much more material from the show we will know about by then. I for one, am excited...Not that I'll make it to the show itself, but it'll be cool to see recordings if they ever come out. https://twitter.com/gwyncampbell/status/717944774360039424
  12. Let me also point out that no other Macross series starts out with a guy suicide bombing an oncoming train.
  13. My point is that wacky stuff happens in EVERY Macross. Delta is no exception. Besides, why does reality have to have such an impact on a cartoon anyway?
  14. What's not plausible? Brainwave technology controlling fighters as if it were nothing. A single Cyber idol taking over an entire city. Said Cyber girl projecting holograms out of nowhere, yet nowhere else do we see this tech applied. A single Valkyrie breaks through the entire Earth defense fleet and yet has trouble taking on an AI controlled drone. Also, said pilot takes his helmet off in the middle of combat yet still hears radio transmissions from the Idol and his girlfriend. And to top it all off, the crazy mecha guy keeps flying after ramming his fighter through the SDF like nothing. Did I miss anything?
  15. I think it's kind of cool, myself. Let's think about how landing gear have evolved in the last 60+ years. Maybe less detailed, smoother struts will be common in the future? It works, it looks slick, and is a new direction in design. I'm honestly rather impressed.
  16. Interesting information! This is really cool for people who weren't at the con. Thanks for posting it!
  17. Nice work! I can't wait to see more. Are you going to Fanime or AX this year?
  18. Come on gang, I bet if we pooled our resources with something like kickstarter or even patreon, we could do something like that here! Sure maybe we wouldn't have 90% of the rare stuff from the actual museum, but we could make an event out of it...Maybe something like MacrossWorld con! It would be like a Macross museum but without all the hardcore stuff the actual museum has.
  19. I hope he makes a return soon. Seems foolish of them to ban one of the few people bringing news here. #savetochiro
  20. Thanks for the post Renato. It sounds like you guys had a very interesting time. Miyatake sounds like a really um...deep person. I bet the Mikasa is a beautiful ship in person, too. I've always loved Pre-Dreadnaught warship designs. Also, Mega Man 7 sucks compared to X. Mega Man runs like he has pudding in his boots in that one.
  21. CHAPTER 5 IS COMING SOON! (Pardon the huge image)
  22. Thanks for the kind words guys. I figured I should post this as well to get everyone pumped for Elysium's chapter 5! (inb4 huge image)
  23. Thanks spanner! Maybe someday for shiggles, I might make a custom.
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