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  1. personally, i kinda like the battroid look on Bandai's rather than Arcadia's......somehow it looks sleeker
  2. just opened my 2nd set of the yf-19 and transform it to battroid, no flimsy arm or loose ankles. the first set,the right arm cant hold the gun at pointing position and loose ankle. decided 1st set will be displayed in fighter mode
  3. so does this fit the arcadia yf-19? have anyone tried?
  4. saw this in the arcadia's blog today http://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/entry-11822285942.html google translate it : 'Elo you are. It is Mr. K of the membrane in the mechanism responsible representative. Now I'd like to let me found in the blog in a hurry, Query In order to fix the fast pack of "YF-19", The left and right of the parts you want to give the calves do not know! It is not specified in the instruction manual! · · · I have received opinions and. Left and right parts, but I certainly exists, It does not describe the left and right in the manual .... The Do not let there be an explanation to take this opportunity! First of all, please look at the pictures. It is a part of gray in a photograph. As indicated by the yellow arrow, a person who, pointed Please attach it so that the inside of the leg. Have caused trouble, Thank you hasten! ! ++++ i think its about the fast pack
  5. its not that scary to transform. i did mine with brute force ( hahaha ) and its still intact in good shape
  6. when is the pre-order date?
  7. Those customs stand is nice. Yeah i definitely buy those if available
  8. superb!!! count me in for yf-19 v.2
  9. I want 3 of those or maybe 1 more wont hurt....
  10. Just received my vf-17s. Can anyone guide me in detail how to rotate the hip joint to transform to battroid mode? I tried many times and keep failing
  11. for the pic, i took with camera360 then tweaked it a bit with the effects (comes with the app) then for the text and line effect, i used halftone
  12. bought the unhinged version. I say this adapter is a very good product. So far i tried to mount vf-1j battroid mode with armored parts, it stayed balance. And finally i used it to display my vf-4g fighter mode with extending the lever. Hopefully it stayed nicely. good job exo. i just bought some more
  13. Agree, i transformed mine back to fighter mode
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