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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a T-Rex super parts kit for Arcadia YF-19. brand new or used isn't important. Thanks
  2. YF-19 new mold first! than VF-19ACTIVE/NOTHUNG with reserve: i need battroid pics first.
  3. finally got VF-22 Max&Miria!!
  4. great job! unfortunately it was ruined by official VF-22 . but maybe not... can you create only canopy shield for VF-22 regular? it could be attached with magnets: one drowned in the shield, the other inside the cockpit. in this way we must not replace standard canopy That is my idea to make Perfect Transformation VF-22 really
  5. more new photos? http://www.sgcollect.com/forum/index.php?s...9090&st=120 scroll down note the neck:
  6. i love my sv-51 ivanov type! second is 1/60 vf-1 v2 third is yf-21
  7. VF-4 for me than in order: VF-27 VF-25 VF-171 YF-21 YF-19 VF-19 VF-1 VF-0
  8. 1/72 = 1pcs. 1/60 = 4pcs.
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