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  1. Jasmine Reply: ======================================= Hi, Thanks for your interest in our products! The minimum number of reproduce VF series PE will be 300 each product. We don't have plan to developing new VF series PE Regards Liang Jasmine Model ==============================================
  2. Started a request for re-issue of VF-1 PE parts. Do you want to get these parts? ====================================== To: jasminemodel2007@yahoo.com Hi Jasmine Models, How are you? I am one of the admin from the Facebook page "Macross Australia Club". In our discussions and also discussions from Macross World, there are calls for the reissue of VF1 PE parts. What is the minimum number to start production again? When we have the numbers, we can get a petition to get the quantities to start production again. Can you help us? And any plans for the new Macross models coming out now and very soon? I mean the VF31 and SV262 from Macross Delta. Thanks a lot. Await your reply. Best regards, xxxxx
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