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  1. Sweet custom parts! Where did you get the super parts, head and wings? I have a jetfire ready for customization, I just need the VT-1 parts to do it.
  2. I need the chest plate for my Takatoku 1/100 valkyrie. I don't mind if it is Custom made, resin, 3D printed or authentic takatoku.
  3. Hi, so nice from you to give it away. I only need the front landing gear, how much would cost to ship it to CHile? Regards.
  4. Hi, Everyone. I've just got the idea of a 3D printed part... since I've looking for a long time for a spare orange heat shield without any luck, not even a resin recast on the market. Does anyone have a 3D printer? can you make a Heat Shield for a Bandai 1 55 VT-1 Super Ostrich? Thanx. Kaju1
  5. I'm flying to "Guangzhou, China" Next month and I want to buy some Macross Bandai 1/55 Valkyries from the 2001 made in China serie. Does anyone know a store or dealer to buy what I'm looking for? ...I'm also going to Hong Kong for the day, since it's very close from Guangzhou. Thanx.
  6. Please help me on my quest, I need the instruction booklet to print out, can you please send it to me scanned. It is for the Strike Valkyrie from 1984, scale 1/55, made by Bandai. Take care and good luck on your collections.
  7. Hi everyone. This time I'm looking for: Bandai 1/55 strike Valkyrie transformation instructions. Hope to buy the original one, but I'll settle for now with a free scanned one to print at home. Thanx.
  8. Just bought one!!! Lucky me it was brand new and I got it for less than $200.00 shipped... Thanx to all.
  9. This time I'm looking for a 1984 Bandai (Scale 1:55) VF-1S Strike valkyrie lose. There is a variant that I'm interested on, the one with the Bandai mark and date on a black sticker on the inner chest. Good luck.
  10. Are you looking for an specific scale? 1/55? 1/72? Are you interested on lose or boxed? Good luck on your quest.
  11. Estuve averiguando más y revisando mis cosas, luego encontré que en las especificaciones del Strike original la figura aparece con el logo macross del ala en blanco y negro, lo que es consistente con la figura que había en Ebay. Ahora sólo quiero poner mis manos en uno de esos Strike con logo blanco y negro y marca en sticker. ...por otra parte siempre me extrañó que todas las otras figuras de la serie D.Y.R.L. tuvieran la marca como sticker y solo el Strike viniera con la marca grabada. Seguramente el que viene con sticker es primera edición e igual de escaso que el VT-1 y VE-1, luego deben haber fabricado de manera masiva otros Strike con logo grabado y ese es el que vemos de manera común en sitios como ebay.
  12. Hi there. I'm looking for a VF-1A Max Jenius Bandai from the Origin of Valkyrie series (2008). Doesn't matter if it is brand new, used, boxed or lose. Please contact me if you have one. Take care and have a great day!
  13. I'm looking to buy a GBP armor, not boxed. It is for my Bandai and Takatoku Valks, scale 1:55 Thanx.
  14. I've just realized this... There are 2 versions of the Bandai 1984 Strike Valkyrie Scale 1:55. I'm pretty sure everyone here knew this before me, but I must post it anyway. Version #1: -Black Macross wing logo -Black Bandai Sticker and date on the inner chest. Version #2 -Red macross wing logo -No sticker but regular carved "Bandai" and "made in japan"
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