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  1. Hey, folks! Well, I broke down and watched the preview. Without rehashing whats already being argued about here, I'll just say that I realized very quickly that I am now well beyond the target demographic for this show, and I won't be watching the rest. "Sailor scouts" is where I draw the line, and I don't have the spare time to devote to watching Delta in the hopes that it makes a hard 180 degree turn back into harder sci-fi. I'm out.
  2. Somebody said "VF-4?" Shut up and take my money!
  3. You know...you keep posting, but it does nothing to make your argument look any less retarded. Maybe you can tell us all your opinions on hair extensions while we're at it.
  4. This looks loud, over-the-top, puerile, and above all exceedingly stupid. IE, everything that I ever imagined a Stephen Sommers GI Joe movie would look like. The teaser looks like little more than some random scenes from Van Helsing updated with a 21st century look. Obviously he's done nothing but hone his "CGI things leap around the screen at a feverish pace" aesthetic since he last had a movie slither into theaters. For those whose main concern is (still) the dye in Scarlett's hair, what a marvelously sheltered little world you must live in. It must be nice to view the world through those child-like eyes, and not having to worry about grown-up things like story, acting, editing, etc. Personally, I'll be steering clear of this movie not because some actor doesn't have their natural hair color* but rather because this movie looks like a Tornado Whirlwind Kick to the scrotum. *news flash: Tom Cruise wore a wig in Michael Mann's Collateral. Oh noes! Grey hair affectionados unite!
  5. I find myself liking Rideback too. Rin's aforementioned Newtypeness is pretty cliche, but the show does handle it with some deftness, so I'll give it a pass. The animation, typical of Madhouse, is above average for a TV series. My only concern is that it doesn't linger on the "sports club/competition" aspect of the story for too terribly long. High school drama gives me a headache.
  6. Ugh....that's a bigger blow than the so-called absence of plasma weapons. Elfman may have been suited to Spider Man, but I just can't feel his style working on a Terminntor flick. Then again, it can't be anymore nondescript than Beltrami's score for T3.
  7. Turn those legs around, and you 'd have a nifty Regult prototype.
  8. To be fair, 2029 probably seemed like a long way in the future, back in 1984.
  9. Dangerous to nitpickety nerds, Commander; Not to this battle station. Er...normal viewers.
  10. It's too bad that science hasn't developed a way to change a persons hair color, even if its just temporary. What a cruel world we live in where we can put a man on the moon* but we cant "dye" if you will, a person's hair. *assuming the moon landing weren't actually fake, of course
  11. And the fact that these flashback/future war scenes are still a decade away from the point in the altered timeline means nothing, then? Huh....some people are really bizarrely selective when it comes to suspending disbelief.
  12. Who said that man-portable phased plasma weapons even exist at this point? One advantage that an M4 has is that it actually exists, and in great numbers. And unless Mw'ers have some alternate cut of the Terminator films than I do, we never see exactly what the combat capacity of the earlier T-600's are, especially in regards to their armor. As far as I know, the film takes place in something like 2018, which still leaves a decade for phased plasma weaponry to make an appearance on the battlefield. And none of this accounts for whatever permutations the timeline has taken on since Reece's flashback in the original film. But what the heck do I know? If Judgment Day happens tomorrow, I know that the denizens of Macross World have all sorts of Westinghouse 40-Watt plasma rifles they can break out of their weapon stores at a moments notice, and could readily show those silly resistance types a thing or two about guerrilla warfare.
  13. Ooh, very nice. That'd go nicely with what I got, for one big-ass viewing marathon.
  14. Thanks, all! It's by no means a small file to download, but I'll give it a go.
  15. Any subs with these torrents, or are they all raw rips?
  16. I thought it was pretty obvious, too. Sure, there's characters who didn't know better and thought "aliens," but there's actually viewers who needed the truth spelled out to them?
  17. That's Titus f*cking Pullo, you c*nts! Anyway, I was going to check it out on the weekend, but got sidetracked by a wicked sinus cold. I'm still itching to see this, though. The script may be garbage but it's in the running for most violentest movie evar. Literally. He's apparently the equivalent of Jason Vorhees with automatic weapons in this movie, which is all kinds of awesome.
  18. X2 Aside from some obvious use of rear projection shots, there's really nothing dated about this film. Its just too bad that we'll never get a decent HD transfer without some serious digital surgery. Thanks for nothing, Kodak!
  19. I think the best solution is to just not make any more AVP films at all. If the last one didn't show the absolute creative bankruptcy involved with the franchise then I don't know what will. And please, leave the poor USCM out of this. They may have gotten their collective asses kicked in Aliens, but at least they still have their dignity. Putting them in a theoretical AvP 3 will rob them of that. Or put in Robocop. Aliens vs Predator vs Robocop.
  20. Overproduced is the word I would use to describe it. This weekend there was a lot of old GnR on the radio, and the original stuff...the real stuff...really stands out against any of the tracks from Democracy by virtue of how much simpler they were. Hell, the title track for Chinese Democracy probably has more tracks on it than the entirety of Appetite For Destruction. That said, it actually is tolerable, and in some cases actually good. I think it would have had a lot more cred if they had just called what it really was: Axl Rose & Some Random Session Musicians. Guns N Roses this ain't.
  21. ...and directed by Martin Campbell, remaking his own miniseries...and co-written by the guy who wrote Kingdom of Heaven and The Departed. Yes, by all means let's poo ourselves.
  22. Perhaps, but it's not "racist" either. I swear, some of you kids need to buy a farting thesaurus.
  23. Just noticed that Kirk holds his phaser in a modified isosceles stance, in direct violation of established phaser-use canon. You do NOT use two hands to hold a phaser, Mr Abrams! Worst movie evar. And EXO was right...Spock's ears are too small.
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