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  1. I fairly freely spray-paint silver pieces, because frankly Lego themselves aren't all that good/consistent at it.  No two silver-sprayed pieces are alike, and are often splotchy on the sides etc, with incomplete coverage. 

    My silver-sprayed wheels etc are practically indistinguishable from LEGO's, except for often having more consistent coverage...   (Tamiya TS-30 is a great match, for sheen/color)

    (buying 4 "real" silver wheels for $10 each vs buying white ones for $0.25 and spraying...).   And if you like semi trucks like I do...

  2. Cameo spoiler:


    Captain Picard AND Captain Pike!

    And non-spoiler tip:  The mid-credit scene is short but not super-critical IMHO (its not like, the mid-credit scene from Capt America or anything).  The post-credits scene is a one-line throwaway joke from a very minor character that has zero impact on the MCU, and is VERY skippable if you just want to leave the theater.   

  3. Lego's site has always had weird "routing" issues, even when I don't sign out.  It'll just randomly send me to the UK, Canada, Hungary, etc.  

    Go into the actual URL, and just change "en-uk" or whatever to "en-us".   

  4. I'd like a 0D done in the right base colors, without needling a $200 factory weathering job to look right. 

    Slate blue upper, very pale grey lower. Simple.  

    Like Yamato's sample showed oh so many years ago, before they completely changed it at the last minute for the actual release.  

  5. On 4/7/2022 at 5:17 PM, Raikkonen said:

    Apologies for sounding like a utter Noob-bot. But recently started to rekindle Macross after a 10 MIA, and catching up with this Delta saga.

    Question, is there something that I missed between Frontier and Delta? Frontier feels like a homage of the original Macross on new territory, but Delta... is like completely aimed at a whole different fanbase of anime.

    Nope, Delta is just that different from Frontier, story/theme-wise.  It LOOKS similar, animation-wise, but that's about all they have in common, IMHO.   

  6. Is anyone else less "concerned" about 2024 having drone-based force-fields, and more by the fact that it was turned off about 5 secs after she was injected?   Genetic lung/skin defects cured before a single cell had time to replicate?  Heck of a stress-test too.  Instead of being in a dark room with filtered air, and slowly seeing how she reacts to increasing exposure----just throw everything at her at once, and hope she lives!

  7. One tip for Bricklink etc:

    Dont forget to check Lego themselves.  32 axles?  I bought several for $2 each, when they were far more expensive anywhere on bricklink.  

    Rare inverted slopes in orange?  Bought dozens cheap from Lego.com, when there was literally only a single seller at Bricklink wanting several dollars EACH.   

    If it's a cheap common piece (black 1x1) Lego themselves will never be a good option---they rarely go below .11 for a piece, and never below .08 IIRC.     Buy a hundred for .03 each from a big seller.  

    But anything that's .50 or more on bricklink----see what Lego wants.  

    Lego has a narrow range that they sell parts for---never super-cheap, but also never ridiculously expensive.   

  8. Made by Tomy, so official?  But the insignias are 3P, so...

    I'm now up to 2/3 of my "MP action-master" Team Bullet Train!



    (Rapid Run is used and missing an antenna, but I got him really cheap, and I should be able to get a replacement with my pending shipment to get parts to build Midnight Express)

    (I'm not buying entire trainsets brand-new only for one car!)

    It would be neat to have them run together, but it's basically impossible due to the real things being unable to couple together, and unable to run without the rest of their cars----and the models reflect those aspects accurately.   (they do light up though, if powered on)

  9. Classified recolors---now they're *too* toony IMHO.  Reminds me of MP TF's-----"let's make them look as smooth and bland as possible, to get that cheap animation look".  

    Like, I want my Gung-ho wearing blue as much as the next guy----just not bright neon blue and a giant 'stache.  And making EVERY strap the exact same blue?  Yeah, that was to simplify the animation and the original toy paint apps.  Don't do that nowadays   

    I want SOME realism in my classified figs.  Use the toon and original figs for the colors, but not EXACTLY.  Don't color them so boldly and simply that now you're hiding all the details.   

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