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  1. Paying 300+ for a dismantling transformation. I'd hope in nearly 2013 we could have perfect transformation. It's a hope, probably won't change the purchase decision.
  2. This is pretty sweet, hopefully the Pre-orders will be obtainable.
  3. I've seen these pop up and be gone, sometimes I think they may have been in private warehouse and then someone cancels. on Saturday the 1:60 VF-1S came from backorder into stock, but I got cart jacked before I could keep it.
  4. you guys with open air collections, should invest in some glass cases, and add a lock... problem solved!
  5. That would be great if it's perfect transformation, but I have my doubts, still.. holding on to the Pre-order regardless.
  6. Pic, as I'm not sure what you mean by version, I thought DYRL was the version.
  7. I have a MIB stickers unapplied DYRL 1/60 VE-1 Elintseeker I'd like to trade for any 1/48 scale VF. Let me know if your interested. I have photos if necessary. I also have the following Transformers for trade For either 1/48 goodness, or DX's. Make Toys Giant Type 61 MIB Takara DA-15 Jetwing Prime w\ UFO articulated hands, battle blades, hooks and shotgun. MIB Takara MP09B Black Rodimus Prime MIB Takara MP Skywarp MIB Hasbro MP Thundercracker MIB FansProject Steelcore MIB
  8. Count me in for at least one, but more likely three. Is this a home made venture or shapeways run?
  9. Nice, thanks, I'm thinking of ordering. before it goes up again.
  10. that's why I ordered from HLJ, throw it in PW and don't pay shipping right off the bat.
  11. Glad I didn't buy the V1 last week that I was going too. I'll try and get this instead.
  12. I'd be interested in this, as I'm not interested in paying the 4-500$ on ebay for this, but I think I'll wait for the inevitable renewal.
  13. Looks nice, If I can actually get a pre-order in, I will.
  14. What, other than the optional parts is any different from the DYRL release?
  15. It's back up for "Dec Release" Not sure how long though. http://www.hlj.com/product/YMTGK-19
  16. Hey guys, I just joined after looking for info on this release, and coming across this nicer of Macross Forums. Either way I lucked out and snagged a PO for this from HLJ. I can't wait to see more of this!
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