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  1. Has anyone ever found out, what the point of a made to order exclusive is, if it's limited to only 6 per business?

    I get regular address's, maybe to avoid scalper markets, but what is the point of limiting business's from ordering as many as they want?
    That is like the most backwards logic to consumerism there is.

  2. anyone having trouble with AJ suddenly not liking credit card payments?

    Looks like AJ screwed me, my original order was through Amazon JP fulfillment, and now its switched to a third party that won't ship to the US.



  3. A lot of us wouldn't have found the good stuff without the US version. But that being said, RT is missing a lot of the emotion with the VA's that the original version of SDFM has, not too mention the english VA's really add some cringe to scenes that didn't make sense.


    Actually I'm lying, I found out about SDFM because I had a Jetfire as a kid, and when I went to look it up... I found a new drug.

    Sadly I can't just say i will call it quits with the DX line after Kakizaki, I'll need the DYRL team, and HOPEFULLY, a VE and a D they hopefully make.

  4. On 7/7/2020 at 1:59 AM, sqidd said:

    Where did your source the shields? They look great!!!

      Thank you sir! :hi: :hail:

    For anyone else wanting to know, these bubble shields are "vintage" style shields, easily found on ebay. You will have to shave the inside of your helmet to make them fit. Specifically the area near your cheek, the bubble is just slightly too big to put it back on. I'm pretty sure someone here did a write up a while ago.

  5. Isn’t Frontier still a pretty big pull on the market for Macross? I know a Sheryl is out but it’s from a limited version. Seems odd we never got a series version of Sheryl or Ranka, when so many other lines did.

  6. I'd love to see HG waste it's already shady (laundered *allegedly*) money to fight a copyright on a Grumman, much less try to say having a paint job in colors like red, white and or grey is somehow infringing on their (illegal) use of the macross name.


    they'll fall on their ass as hard as they did when they went after Hasbro.

  7. you guys with the Masei helmets, they make a blue bubble shaped visor that looks more like the animation. you have to shave the inside edge of the visor a little, but I think it really brings the extra out of it. I copied someone on MW who did it, but it's a nice thing, and posted a long time ago, so I'll repost it


    New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets - Page 26 - Toys - Macross World Forums

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