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  1. From those reviews, it sounds like the 35 max is not too playable. The lens cannot move and the cockpit cannot be opened. I guess I will skip it even at the low price. Thanks for the reviews.
  2. i found some SRW Original Limited Figure from toy-wave; looks like they are not model. However, the price range from $100-$300+!!! What are these?
  3. Is it now released under a different name? All I can find is up to ep 9....
  4. Is this anime licensed. Nanashi has only up to ep 9. I cannot find anything after ep 9 anywhere....
  5. Please, please, plesae, do a step by step on how to transform the 1:48 ASAP...
  6. I just gotten my first 1:48, which is a super VF-1J. I can bring the chestplate down but I cannot slide down the heatshield on top of the cockpit. Do I need to apply some force on the back of the heatshield to push it down?
  7. Does the "Nelson Road branch of Animate" has good price on Yamato and Bandai valkyries?
  8. JetLover

    How To?

    Cannot find the "Yamato" under "Toys"...
  9. JetLover

    My first 1/48

    I am new to collecting the valks and have only 1 Yamato 1:60; and is tempting to get a Toynami 1:55. However, some post in the forum suggested that Toynami 1:55 is really bad. Can u guys give me some opinions?
  10. I just got my first Yamato 1:60 VF-1A, when I tried to apply the stickers to the valkyrie, they do not stay on the valkyrie and fall off almost immediately. Is that the case for all Yamato stickers? Or is there some other methods to make them stay on? And the legs are so difficult to be separated in the first tries... Is these problems also happens on the 1:48 scale?
  11. Hi Solscud007, I am new to this forum, can u tell me what Soze is? Is is a store with a website? Please forgive me for my ignorant.
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