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  1. Epic - I don't think there has been a comparison of these two kits anywhere - can not wait for this build to take shape
  2. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of this build 😃
  3. I would be down for 2 - love this design - About time and THANKS
  4. bump - still looking for this beauty
  5. Hey everyone, I have been after one of these kits for ever if anyone can help me out I assure you the deal will be very worth your while! Listed this once before had one lined up but the potential seller never came through so I know these ladies are up out there Thanks again!
  6. Hey cap I’m guessing these are long gone by now? If not let me know and i’ll PM you
  7. These updates are amazing, I've paid my deposit for two of these. Any chance you can option a few extra Alpha fighters? I would love one displayed with a squadron in flight Thanks and really great work so far!
  8. Hey everyone, I have been after one of these kits for ever if anyone can help me out I assure you the deal will be very worth your while! Thanks again!
  9. Don't know if it's too late , I missed this one Please let me know if I can sneak in with One 1/72 kit only Thx!
  10. Ordered a 1/72 and paid Tempted to get another...
  11. Hey all I know there was some issues getting this kit out, I know there are a few in circulation If by some chance you have one and can't see you pros elf getting to the build anytime soon I would love to take one off your hands and have it professionally made. No one has posted any completed images of this kit so I really want that to change All the best Shane
  12. VERY LAST Because I know you will ask, here are some shots with a 1/72 fleet of Valks to the rescue And a Battlepod again, for scale
  13. Hey guys thanks so much for your kind words. Sorry in advance if I upset anyone by uploading too many photos, moderators can delete if it's not appropriate. You did ask to see more -Here is my Cosmo Zero 01 -Zeroes & Falcons with a 1/72 Valk to see scale Enjoy Brothers Here is an Actual 1/72 WW2 Zero for scale with the Updated Yamato Cosmo Zero Can you tell I LOVE scale!!!
  14. Thanks so much for the kind words guys! I am going to post a stack more photos, hope that is okay, I don't want to upset any forum admins. Also something special for Valks to the rescue
  15. Some of my Yamato 2199 1/72 collection. For your viewing pleasure With a Falcon Black Tiger paint scheme in honour of the original series I over gunned the Zero-02 it's got well above its usual missile payload, I wanted it to be a real ready alert fighter, so sorry in advance to those loyalists out there. Since these shots were taken a Zero-01 has been added in, I will take some more shots if you guys want it, I don't want to smash this thread with model pics in case it's supposed to be in another section just let me know,
  16. Well I was going to upload some images of my 1/72 Yamato 2199 collection but they wont upload and now I cant delete this post. Bitch Bitch Bitch I know, will try again. Trust me it will be worth it.
  17. Wow that VF-1J looks awesome, I would love to have a crack at that if it's ever for sale
  18. Has anyone built one of these yet? Would love to see some photos even progress shots
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