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  1. Epic - I don't think there has been a comparison of these two kits anywhere - can not wait for this build to take shape
  2. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of this build 😃
  3. I would be down for 2 - love this design - About time and THANKS
  4. These updates are amazing, I've paid my deposit for two of these. Any chance you can option a few extra Alpha fighters? I would love one displayed with a squadron in flight Thanks and really great work so far!
  5. Don't know if it's too late , I missed this one Please let me know if I can sneak in with One 1/72 kit only Thx!
  6. VERY LAST Because I know you will ask, here are some shots with a 1/72 fleet of Valks to the rescue And a Battlepod again, for scale
  7. Hey guys thanks so much for your kind words. Sorry in advance if I upset anyone by uploading too many photos, moderators can delete if it's not appropriate. You did ask to see more -Here is my Cosmo Zero 01 -Zeroes & Falcons with a 1/72 Valk to see scale Enjoy Brothers Here is an Actual 1/72 WW2 Zero for scale with the Updated Yamato Cosmo Zero Can you tell I LOVE scale!!!
  8. Thanks so much for the kind words guys! I am going to post a stack more photos, hope that is okay, I don't want to upset any forum admins. Also something special for Valks to the rescue
  9. Some of my Yamato 2199 1/72 collection. For your viewing pleasure With a Falcon Black Tiger paint scheme in honour of the original series I over gunned the Zero-02 it's got well above its usual missile payload, I wanted it to be a real ready alert fighter, so sorry in advance to those loyalists out there. Since these shots were taken a Zero-01 has been added in, I will take some more shots if you guys want it, I don't want to smash this thread with model pics in case it's supposed to be in another section just let me know,
  10. Well I was going to upload some images of my 1/72 Yamato 2199 collection but they wont upload and now I cant delete this post. Bitch Bitch Bitch I know, will try again. Trust me it will be worth it.
  11. Has anyone built one of these yet? Would love to see some photos even progress shots
  12. Has anyone put this kit together yet? Would love to see some finished photos or at least assembled photos
  13. Really? I figured something was up
  14. Ahh thanks first chance I have I will move these across and close the post, Cheers, Shane
  15. Hello all, here are a few of my Macross Production Cels for your appreciation, I only have these three framed but have somewhere in the region of 100+ production cels from my childhood cartoons. Unfortunately only a handful make it to the wall, space is a premium. I will post the rest of my framed stuff if no one minds, Akira, Sprigan, Gatchaman, Astroboy.... And so on. Photos were taken with my phone I have high res scans somewhere, when I find them I will replace the files, None of these are for Sale but I may list some of my cels in the For Sale Section in the future,
  16. Firstly, Valk009 I have every intention of geting 1 - 2 of your VF-4 Resins. Secondly curiosity got the better of me and I had to check this out, I fully expect the order will fale / their site is not updated or a similar excuse Thirdly this could be a dodge kit, dont know the indformation is pretty sparce. For those interested: Resin VF-4 $54.99 http://www.monstersinmotion.com/cart/macross-robotech-item-list-a-z-c-35_152/macross-vf-4-valkyrie-resin-model-hobby-kit-p-134
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