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  1. After pre-ordering the VF-4, I don't think I can swing the VE-1 as well. It's a shame, but at least I still have the V1 version. Oh well.
  2. Oh good. Now the only question is, are they going to make enough for all of us?
  3. It's been said on here before, but I'd love to see a SVF-41 VF-1 CAG scheme released. I'd probably be holding my breath for a long time though. http://www.1999.co.jp/itbig07/10070210a.jpg
  4. Looking for a 1/60 Yamato Version 1 Super VF-1J "Milia" Valkyrie. I've got Max's Super VF-1J in a version 1 model, so I'm looking for Milia's ship. Thanks.
  5. I've got a Max Q-Rau I'd be willing to part with. You wouldn't happen to have a 1/60 Yamato Version 1 VF-1J "Milia" Valkyrie you'd trade for it would you?
  6. Just ordered one from NY. Hope it gets to me, since they don't seem to have Washington, DC listed...
  7. CoreyD


    Macross Collection with some Mospeada thrown in.
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