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    Bandai DX VF-31

    You'll still play like hell to get a preorder if you rely on those notification e-mails. In my experience for high demand Macross items, the e-mails don't go out in time to actually be of any use.
  2. Benbot

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I completely missed it after being away from the forums for months, only checking in periodically to see what's happening with upcoming releases. So was it just one valk that went on preorder? Is there a timetable for the rest? Do I need to sit on AmiAmi for a week hitting F5 every 10 seconds?
  3. You guys are starting to make me glad I didn't manage to get one.
  4. Both versions sold well and almost certainly will reissued at some time in the future. I wouldn't sweat it if you can't find one this time around.
  5. Yeah, I just saw that. Not sure if I should go for it or wait for someone else.
  6. Why did you order 2 if you're not interested in keeping both of them?
  7. So what's the best bet for those of us who haven't been able to find a preorder?
  8. This is beyond frustrating. I wish I could be done with Bandai's valks forever. But every time I think I'm done...
  9. Flightpose stands are fine but you can't really do dynamic flight poses in fighter mode, yet alone battroid with them. I'll definitely pick up a couple of these.
  10. I hope mine arrives today. Tracking said it went through customs (I think) 2 days ago, but there's been no location update since then.
  11. Still 16 left at CD Japan. I guess I'm the only one who bought one from this restock.
  12. WHERE. None of the stores I frequent. I could still technically get it now, but some of us aren't independently wealthy and can't afford to spring for three of them on Nippon Yasan. $20 is sometimes the difference between getting a valk and being priced out of one.
  13. Well, I missed out again. This is beginning to really piss me off. I'm about ready to swear off Macross collecting all together.
  14. I was about to jump on CDJapan until I saw what they charge for shipping. Forget it.
  15. Does any place have this in active stock, or am I out of luck? I've been diligently watching HLJ's YF-25 page, but knowing this community, if they have any remaining stock after preorders are filled, they will sell out in minutes.
  16. How did he arrive at those numbers? I thought Yamato and Bandai were closer to 1/60 and 1/65, respectively.
  17. At these prices, I'm tempted to sell my MISB 25S. I probably won't, but everyone has a price...
  18. If I wasn't going to be completely broke for the conceivable future, I would be very interested in this. I used to think the red Kai looked ridiculous and cartoony, but it's grown on me over the last few years.
  19. Impossible to choose. I have Osma's and Alto's, but I really want the A. And YF.
  20. I just unboxed mine. Should have sent...a poet...along in the box. I haven't transformed it yet, but my initial inspection didn't reveal any problems. It feels more delicate than my VF-19P, but it's not something I meant to play with anyway. I want to transform this thing, but I'm a little scared to mess with it. I'll wait till I see a detailed video transformation guide.
  21. I have to wonder what the hell they were thinking. They had to have known this was a serious problem with the VF-19, yet they still kept the same flawed design while reengineering almost every single part. I'm kind of feeling a tinge of buyer's remorse, thinking I should have been patient and just waited for some of these little problems to be ironed out in a future release. I get that they are *little* problems, but for what I just paid, I expect near perfection.
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