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  1. just scored a 1/48 WAVE AV-98 Ingram 1 from eBay for 90 bux, was on the fence til i found your review page Kuma - yr photography totally sold me! thanks for all work u put in man, the photos u take are srsly amazing. now if i can only find a nice price Yamato hahah..
  2. genomcorp

    Hi-Metal R

    i have one of the older CM's Ishtar figures just waiting for the VF-2SS..
  3. genomcorp

    Hi-Metal R

    thanks for the heads up!
  4. genomcorp

    Hi-Metal R

    has anyone got a payment request from HLJ yet? i put in an order back in july, but getting anxious over here : P
  5. Thanks, i'll look them up! I've used Kuboten in the past with some success as well. Cheers David!
  6. thanks for the heads up, guess i'll have to find a proxy buyer...
  7. Whoa, thanks for posting david! I've been after the Bol Doza Ship since the Wonderfest release years ago... Never thought I'd ever get the chance at it! How do you go abouts ordering one?
  8. thanks man, its good to be back! and great to see there are still so many new Macross toys (never thought i'd see a VF-2SS) in the works
  9. been out the game for a minute, but will probably get back into it and pre-order the VF-2SS. thanks for the updates and pics Tochiro - they def helped my decision. i really hope they eventually come out with the SAP - bundle or not!
  10. never had a problem with kuboten. they have a flat $10 + 10% fee which isn't too too bad
  11. wow. this is pretty much THE BEST
  12. always wanted a VF-1J Commander, but looks like chances of finding one at a decent price will be pretty slim these days : /
  13. yep, thats the one. the seller had 100% feedback, so i m hoping its just that tiny mark and everything else is ok.
  14. i just use rinkya to search for stuff on yahoo JPN's auctions and kuboten to bid for me (its actually much cheaper than rinkya).
  15. just picked up a Low Viz VF-1S Focker off yahoo JPN for a little over ¥9000
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