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  1. Reading a lot of negativity here, or at least perceiving it. You can go ahead and disregard the original post, thank you.
  2. From my perspective it is a pretty quiet time in Macross toys as far as what the next year or two holds. We have Arcadia releasing premium versions of toys that many of us already have. We haven't heard much on the SV-51, I assume it is coming within the next two years. Things seem to be slowing down on the Bandai Delta front, and from a personal perspective my dislike of the show means that I have no interest in any toys beyond the vf-31f and the sv-262 I picked up. The Hi-Metal R line continues but I have very little interest in collecting a full set of vf-1 valks from it. As cool as the mecha are the Tomahawk seems to be MIA for a while longer; with that and the Phalanx UN mecha will soon be done. The enemy mecha have been awesome, but beyond a Queadluun-Rau I see that line being done as well. Of course this post will slightly devolve into a wish list, but I find my wish list becoming smaller and smaller lately as well. I would love to see a modern Yf-21. I would love for Arcadia specifically to tackle a 1/60 vf-2ss. I would love a modern version of the TV SDF. All the non canon or non screen time stuff would be neat, but this is my core instant buy list and it's 3 items long. I can't imagine what kind of improvements a 1/60 vf-1 toy would have to have for me to start a whole new vf-1 collection. If the next Macross show is good I'll of course get into it, but given the direction the series has taken, not holding my breath. For me, in my opinion, at this date in time there is nothing announced that has me lit up or excited. These lulls in the hype train always make me reflect on where we are in the state of Macross toys, and my focus being primarily on SDFM and Plus, I wonder if everything sans what I mentioned above has already been released. Perhaps the core of my collection, the things I really love and care about, is near completion for me. Something to think on anyway.
  3. Yay, finally filled the M&M hole in my collection of vf-1 valks!
  4. Any schedule update on the tomahawk? I'm not finding anything...
  5. I'm curious to see if they can improve valk execution in this scale that have the head behind the cockpit in fighter, such as the vf-19 or vf-4.
  6. Man I had a hell of a time getting one of the missile packs on the leg. I had one that would not go on the "bottom" when in fighter, but only on the top. The other missile pack snapped into either slot. Handling this thing again reminded me of how little it locks together. The missile packs are the first "armor" design that feels like intentional paid DLC, they should not be removable at all, should just be a part of the valk.
  7. I really do like these Hi-Metals, but they don't compare at all to the Yamcadias. Can't disagree more with the build critiques being thrown around at them in this thread after the shoulder pin issue was addressed. The 1/60's lock together better in all three modes, and the scale shows off the details better. I also prefer the Yamcadias shoulder design as the hinge allows for some really dynamic posing. The 1/100s are fun, but no substitute for the 1/60's. I have a few 1/48's as well, and I feel like the 1/60 is a better scale for display and playability (though the big guys are pretty awesome!).
  8. Maybe this should be it's own topic, but I am interested in peoples opinions who have bought the premium finish arcadia toys. I decided to opt out, I don't need a 4th Roy and I have no interest in collecting DYRL so they were easy to pass for my collection. After reading and watching Jenius's reviews, it sounds like the tampo is delicate. As he said, it seems like unless you are right on top of them the new tampo doesn't have much impact visually. Is that worth an extra $40 to $50? Will that price increase hold true for the M&M or do you expect it to be higher? For $40 it interests me to go for it, but not if it increases the worry when handling.
  9. Picked up a second at AE myself. Not staying up late for a bandai pre-order. What is the world coming to?
  10. Put in for one at kurama (bandai online) Paying a little extra is worth avoiding the PO nightmares.
  11. I'm unfamiliar with Loopaza. Any experiences anyone can share? I might spend a bit more to avoid late night PO.
  12. That's the way you do a vf-2! I hope this has a ton of interest so one of the two companies who know what they are doing take a shot at a 1/60th version with this engineering.
  13. Wow! I want to see the underside as well, but this looks SOOO much better than the EVO. The SAP looks great!
  14. For that price point the HMR line is for you. However I find it easier to transform the 1/60 v2 vf-1 yamcadias. They hold great poses, and any v2 vf-1 arcadia will be sturdy as heck. They are perfect transformation as well, where as the HMR is very slightly partsforming (canopy shield and landing gear). Gotta say the HMR vf takes falling off a shelf like a champ though!
  15. Got my 31F and have been enjoying it. Feels much more substantial than the 262. And WAY less gappie. This is my first and will be my last 31 (minus a crazy sell on a shelf warmer, fat chance). Kind of feels a bit like the VF-0D, in that handling it I always feel like I'm moving a fin or some other piece that doesn't lock into place. Happy to be done with Bandai pre-order craziness for a while and Delta in general. Question: I have one of the cuffs around the ankles standing up, any idea how to get it to lay flat in fighter mode?
  16. What is up with NY trying to screw people with the currency conversion? They want $80 US for this shipped, you choose the yen and go to PayPal it goes down to $71, more than 10% off. Wow.
  17. My 3 Favourite Macross Toys: Yamato/Arcadia VF-4G- This by far is my favorite fighter mode. The toy is an engineering masterpiece that has yet to be improved on, when I show this to people and then tell them it can transform into a robot they are always amazed. This is also where I wish the Macross mecha designs had gone, as this seems like a step in merging aircraft and spacecraft. It has obvious vector thrusters for zero g maneuvers and with the majority of fighting being in space you would expect more spacecraft than straight atmospheric designs going forward with Valks. Yamato VF-1S v2 Roy- I have three of these. What can I say, this valk even more than the VF-1J is why I love Macross. The v2 vf-1s are still my favorite valks, as the design is simple enough that the toy looks amazing with a fairly simple transformation and great posability. The vf-1s are still my favorite design, and these toys are beautiful and fun to own. Yamato 1/60 VF-11C- One of my other favorite fighter modes. The toy is great, fun to transform and all three modes are good looking. A great toy that looks great (the black and white is just so much better than the grey B ). My 3 Least Favourite Macross Toys: Yamato VF-22S STURMVOGEL II Gamrin Kizaki – What a train wreck. The high speed wings droop. The transformation is infuriating. The hips are a bit loose. Just feels fragile. I bought this on ultra clearance, and I regret spending that. Only toy in my collection I would get rid of (if they ever release a renewal yf-21 I will). Uggh. Bandai Sv-262Hs Draken III- Pretty gappie in fighter mode. Even worse transformation than the VF-22s. Feels cheap compared to the Yammies. This is where I have to pick 2 more least favorites, so this and the next I do like, but they are my "least" favorite. Bandai Yf-29- Again, just feels a bit cheap compared to the Yammies. Not sure if it's the paint job or the plastic they used. I like the toy, but it's way down in my collection.
  18. As far as the breakage point goes, I would disagree with you on that. Yamato/Arcadia have always to me existed between toy and pre-painted kit. I have a friend who collects MP Transformers, and those are not as detailed or delicate a design as any Macross valk. I get being upset with high end toys that break, and the tolerances can be crazy tight on the joints, but we are all hard to please. We want joints that stay tight, hold poses but are not hard to move. We don't want those joints to interfere with the line art accurate representation of our toys. We want tabs that hold everything together, but we don't want to see them or have them ruin the look of the toy. To maintain the elegance of the valk while still having to provide three different forms that all need to be line art accurate is a quantum leap of engineering beyond any Transformer. The engineering and design of MP Starscream isn't even comparable to a vf-1 v2 valk, much less the more complicated later valks. Sorry, but I can't get on board with your argument here. You should be comparing chunky monkeys to MP transformers as far as complexity goes, and chunky monkeys are even more resilient than the MPTs. As to what people are willing to acceptt, line art accuracy seems to be the biggest critique in the Macross collecting realm, and that means delicate toys that look amazing vs chunky toys that can take a beating. If you are comparing Macross toys to Transformers then you really don't appreciate the engineering that has been pulled off in these toys. I argue that elevates macross toys to a work of art, as opposed to a toy that are meant to hold up to being played with by children. A very bad comparison. With that complexity comes QC issues, and yeah that sucks that QC issues happen, but on such a complex toy just assembling it and transforming it into the form that comes packaged might induce a small break that would be hard to find. Reality can be a B sometimes, thems the breaks. Macross are the Ferrari of Transforming toys, the highest quality and engineering and also requires kid gloves and being ultra careful when enjoying them.
  19. I can sympathize. My love of this series is firmly planted in nostalgia. I love SDFM, I like DYRL and I love M+. Zero was weird. 7 was bad, frontier was worse and delta is representative of everything wrong with "modern" anime. (This of course is my personal opinion.) My collection reflects this. I really love jets that transform into robots thanks to Macross, and the new fighters are cool designs. So I get one or two of the new ones. My collection is focused on SDFM as that is the source material I really love. I feel no need to complete any of the other series collections (other than M+, hence a bit of bleed over with some 7 valks). As long as they keep keep making valks from the original series that either I don't have in my collection, or somehow gives me a reason to upgrade/add to my collection (the new HMR line is a great example) I will buy those. If the next series has a cool design, I will buy one or two of those. It's a lot easier to let those toys go though if you have no emotional resonance with the source material. I don't have any frontier valks other than a 30th edition yf-29 (Roy paint schemes will always be my wallets kryptonite). I don't have any of the hero valks from 7. I am only getting a Drakken and 1 vf-31 from delta. And if I hadn't gotten them I would not be sad. Your collection should make you happy, there is nothing wrong with focusing on the series you actually like. I do it, and I'm sure other collectors here do it too.
  20. Yeah the Deloreans are gigantic. I have the first movie version, it's a monster. 1/6 Marty fits in it though!
  21. The missiles are cool, but priced equal to an hmr valk? Does this win the most overpriced for what you get Macross add on set? Were these cheaper in Japan?
  22. So completely off topic and not even Macross related, but seeing the thumb clip of the bandai video inspires me to point out that the GX-71 GoLion is freaking amazing! OK back to regularly scheduled Macross.
  23. Hurray! I missed these the first go around, can finally finish what I really want in my collection!
  24. Yeah I think most of us were collecting back when Yamato was "flooding" the market. You could get a v2 vf-1 for under $100 shipped to america. Heck I picked up my vf-11c for $120 I think? It was warming shelves if you can believe it. I remember being mad that I had to pay $120 for the vf-1d with option parts because I missed the pre-order price. For a long time you could pick up the unpainted Yamato 1/60 blanks for $50! Ah the good old days. I missed the M&M's and won't buy them now at the aftermarket prices. Have just resigned myself to dream of a rerelease from Arcadia and be happy paying the Arcadia new prices for 1/60s. My advice is to preorder always. Aftermarket is only for that "final" piece your collection needs and you just hate having money. Starting a yamato 1/60 collection now... yikes.
  25. Finally got mine after it languished in customs for 8 days in LA. This is my second 1/60 Bandai Macross valk. I do really like the tampo printing, and happily no problems with the "protective" film on the wings. I'm curious how people feel about the price of this valk? My opinion (having paid 26,150 JPY total) is that Bandai is drifting into Yamato/Arcadia pricing. I don't have a vf-31 yet (the only one I am remotely interested in is Messers, and then I am done with Delta) and am curious if this valk is 3000 JPY more complicated than the hero valks? The fighter seems gappie compared to the yf-29 I have, and very gappie compared to the arcadia/yamato offerings. Also interested in opinions on the accessory pricing. There was justified condemnation of the 16000 JPY price on the vf-0 armor. How do you feel about 10000 for the two drones, sword, shield and leg "armor" for the Draken? I feel as if the sword and shield should have come with the valk.
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