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  1. have worked on this for the last couple of days!..
  2. i have finally settled for the layout of the this part of the city, it still needs alot of details like various signs (neon, info, ect. ect.) also trees alot of them actually... the progress so far!
  3. ill have to put you on the list for one of those condo's! ill notify you when the construction crew and interior designers are finished
  4. making battroids, battle pods, Q raus on this scale is one thing.... how ever people is a different thing entirely they'll be roughly 1mm tall and 0.3mm width i will put in people though, how ever distinguishing between them is not gonna be likely
  5. a little progress!! painted some of it to get a better feel for what i made so far and wasn't really satisfied... so i changed it up a little, removed a building, made a new one, and... it was better, but not yet as i want it ... already making a third go at it, and pictures of that soon...
  6. more details added! also this: guess/name that building!
  7. ok im back, finally managed to acclimate myself to the humid heat, and also got over a couple of weeks being sick.... at long last i finished the various weapons beam cannons and missile launchers. i made it so the side of the "leg" can open, easier to see the city that way... still need alot of buildings, parks, private cabins ect. ect.
  8. i envy you guys, being able to do anything in this heat...
  9. actually the top of the leg can be left off, so can get a top view... however, i am thinking about making it so the side can be taken of as well, further more theres a small panoramic window on the side, so one can get a glimpse from the outside
  10. i have started fiddling with creation of the city... theres so much space to play with, its 56m x 76m x 208m thats per leg! im gonna make 4 - 5 layers with various ledges... one leg gonna be mostly shopping, recreational and of cause concert stage. so far i made the Tray where ill build the city, and the concert Stage, placement of the various buildings are subject to change until im finished
  11. Lol... What squirrel!
  12. Around 85-90 cm...Haven't made the final measurement.... However the scale might be revised, To around 1/1500 instead of 1/1600.
  13. some more pictures! made a "shoulder" hangar (not finished yet) so it can be displayed without the docked ships... also pretty much settled on the appearance of the large guns...
  14. so the ship itself is pretty much done now... very few tweaks left to do, some weathering still needed in some areas... also the various guns still need to be finished and added... so now its the city's turn for some much needed love, and ill try and incorporate as much as i can, as seen in SDFM TV, also trying to get the sense of scale to be felt
  15. i had alot of left over No. decals from previous macross models... (use whatever you got!)
  16. yup they are too big! they need to be 3 mm tall max! to fit that scale...
  17. Thanks! the color i used is: 6 parts Signal Blue and 4 parts USAF Light Grey and i gave it 2 coats
  18. a little update... to some of the parts i have added some decals, panel lining and initial weathering.. much more still to be added!
  19. so that yellow part splits and become the elbows it seems.. and im really suprised with the chest transformation looks awesome, could become my new fav valk!!!
  20. and now for the panel lining, stripes and other goodies
  21. all parts Primed!!! now its painting time , still need to make the city though... lucky that it can be made separate and installed later..
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