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  1. Short and sweet: All prices include shipping, all are unboxed (unless noted), offers will be entertained, for the moment no trades, pics on request. Gotta make room for a growing kid... 1) Yamato 25th Anniversary 1/60 YF-19 - $125 2) Yamato VF-0S w/ Ghost (splinter camo version) - $175 3) Yamato VF-0A w/Ghost set - $175 4) Yamato Sv-51 mass produced (radome painted white) - $130 5) Yamato 1/48 VF-1A woodland w/ woodland GBP -$175 6) Yamato 1/48 VF-1A woodland w/ DyRL super parts (no cannon) - $160 7) Bandai 1/35 Gundam Zeta Jumbo Grade - $250 more to come...
  2. Are those decals available seperately or are they part of a kit?
  3. yeah, scale and manufacturer would've been helpful, right? Thanks!
  4. Is the Yammie 1/60 25th Anniversary YF-19 molded in black, or is it paint? I'm going to try to remove some of the gold, but want to keep the black as it is. Any thoughts?
  5. Looking for someone who might have bought a fold booster for thier YF-21 and doesn't need the -19's fast packs. Thanks!
  6. OK, did I totally miss the Macross 11 and where all the stuff was mentioned about it? Was all that in Frontier?
  7. I've ordered from them a few times, most of the time no problems, but one time it took a couple of months to get a dvd set I ordered. I DID get it eventually. I think some of thier stuff isn't in stock, and they order it when you place an order.
  8. Problem is, they look REALLY small. And since they're cut identically, one has be backward/upsidedown.
  9. Not sure, they're the ones that are part of the Character Model VF-EX set.
  10. Just got a chance to finally watch it, and HOLY CRAP. That was the coolest single episode of anime I have ever seen. Never got a chance to catch my breath. Still having a hard time picking my favorite scene, but I think it's the scene with Alto/Brera adn Sheryl/Ranka "dueting". Damn, that was cool.
  11. So I'm doing a VF-1 from the VF-EX program, and was wondering where the "little" vf-ex markings go. They vex me, as they are not cut the same as the large ones, and I can't find a place that will accomodate them that looks right. I wanted to put them on the vertical stabilizers, but they're a bit small. Any thoughts?
  12. WTF is up with the radome? Is it a trick of lighting, or is it really that..squashed? Fixing that would really help the overall appearance in fighter and gerwalk, I think.
  13. Sweet! Just applied it to mine. looks sick.
  14. Howdy, Looking for another set of fast packs, preferrably the stealth version, but any will do. Could care less about box. Thanks!
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