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  1. baronv Posted on Apr 8 2004, 07:21 PM Is there any confirmation that the armor and valk set will not come will interchangable hands that can hold a gun pod? That would kinda suck if this piece didn't come with the gun and only the armor. Could be one of the reasons why it's taking so long for YAMATO to release the GBP-Armor, but I do hope it's coming out in May.
  2. connor99

    Max VF-1S

    Yeah, why not?!!! I mean Yamato's already released the ones for HIKARU and FOKKER, why not complete the trio and come out with MAX'S?! Although SHIN is right, a VF-1A MAX TV would sell better! Now that one I will surely buy!!
  3. A GBP-ARMOR for my 1/48 VF-1J would really be nice!! But gotta patient, coz the 1/60 have not even come out yet!! Keeping my fingers crossed, though!! A 1/48 VT-1 wouldn't be so bad either!!
  4. Nahhhh!! I've also had a "Dry Spell" in having to buy VALKS! But don't worry coz ya can never get rid of that "MACROSS BUG", so ya will be buying some new ones again--if not soon!
  5. connor99

    Custom Enigma VF-1J

    Hey, KURT!! That custom is just a thing of perfection! I've never really seen an ENIGMA before, but sure am a fan now!! Bravo!
  6. What attracted me first to MACROSS were the toys, but it was the story and the characters that drew me in! Could not afford to get me one of those BANDAI VALKS back in '84 but it's ok coz now I'm enjoyin' every single one of my YAMATO VALKS!! He-he, I guess good things come to those who wait!
  7. UN Spacy Posted on Mar 23 2004, 09:22 PM Maybe it's because Shoji Kawamori had nothing to do with this series. It's pretty much a watered down DYRL with great character designs by HAL (Haruhiko Mikimoto). That too was my first impression of MACROSS II!! Oh well, that's what you get for not getting KAWAMORI's blessing, he-he!
  8. Max did become the Skull leader in DYRL, after the disappearance of Roy and Hikaru that is. Hikaru also became the Skull leader in the movie, but only towards the end, when he flew inside Gorg Bodolza's ship and kick the s**t out of him!
  9. I've been wondering about the same thing, V! But to tell ya the truth I'm happy YAMATO made their toys in diff. scale, this way we, as collectors, would have a lot more option and/ or variety. Take for example my own collection. As of right now, 99% of my valks are in the 1/60 scale. I do have a 1/48 of the VF-1S HIKARU, but of course, I consider this particular valk my price possession and that my friend is the only reason why I bought it in that particular scale. And as for the perfect transformation, one of the reasons might be that there's a degree of difficulty involved in having to duplicate the perfect transformation onto a 1/60. It's either that or YAMATO just got lazy!
  10. connor99

    My dream..

    NICE!!!!! Here's to more valks in collection, G.G.42! But dude, if ya think your 1st valk is beautiful, wait 'til ya get a 1/48 VF-1S/J HIKARU---those are just outta this world!
  11. I know I'm new to this forum, but from one Valkaholic to another, I think you should get the VF-1S Hikaru coz I think that you're gonna regret it if you let this one pass. I got mine from Tam at Twin Moons Production and I'm just glad that I did. I too was having second thoughts about having to get it, but when it finally came, dude, I was so awe struck! You probably know just how beautiful that darn thing is! To tell you the truth, I too am racking up the debt on my credit cards but it's worth it! I've waited since 4th grade to buy these valks and now that I"m turning 30, ain't gonna wait no more! So my advice is to get the valk, I promise that you won't be sorry.
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