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  1. I have been playing the battlefield series for a very long time now. I have seen these games but never got them due to them being on the consols. i have played Battle cry though which I liked, suprisingly due to the ground to air battles, and the versus battle mode. I have recently seen the new PS3 version and I must say it looks pretty good but looks like it still lacks the ground battles. The Idea would be something like battle cry but 1000 times better and have it online.
  2. Well I disagree with you. This series still has a lot of potential. They remake games all the time and it would work with this day and ages new software and technology. EA has the capability of making this game happen. Making a game that involves all aspects of the movies/shows would make this a best seller. lucky there's even a cell phone game? its because people don't keep suggesting it for someone to take it as a project.
  3. I would like to know how many others would like to see if this series of a great cult series could possibly become a first and third person shooter game. Macross plus voxp seen here on a youtube video is a great game I still play it all the time but it lacks the ground battle with gun pods blazing, and close combat martial arts battles.I mean to have ground battles (As seen in all the shows and movies that we love so much) that could instantly take to the skies and space would be spectacular. high paced Robotech/macross action on a multiplayer game. 32vs32 gameplay. customizable mecha, when the player earns their ranks they could get special add ons for the fighter. Have the cyclones, destriods, and other mecha for intense ground battles. Have different modes....single player story mode, dogfight tournaments, etc. It would be like Battle cry on steroids. It wouldn't just involve one series either but all of them... all the different mecha. All we need to do is let someone know... preferably EA due to their amazing graphics. They need to know how we all feel this would make a great gameing experience. I have joined this site in order to get others suggestions to add to our fandom and to have a great game that we would love. I have started a post to EA giving them an idea on this link. All support would be appreciated. thanks. Here is the link to the post I started to EA games Ideas and suggestions. forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7946087.page#19396238
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