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  1. Can any Transformer Collector here tell me if the box with the white "8+" on the from of the box is a knock off (counterfeit) or a canadian / uk version maybe? Thanks !
  2. raven029

    G1 Transformers

    G1 Transformers
  3. Wanted: AFA 85+ G1 Jetfire (Bandai, Matsushiro (Sticker/Paint), Matsu-Bandai) PM me a deal Thanks!
  4. message me =) Yes, if you have 2 arms (with shoulders) and a tail section / fins (with pin) Sure. it can be from a re-issue. As long as its 1/55 scale. Which Valkyrie is it? Can't have any yellowing though. Thanks Again!
  5. Hi, I am in need of the following 1/55 Valkyrie parts : 2x Arms w/ shoulders 1 Tail section w/ pin and tail fins Will take Arms (with Shoulders) from 1/55 VF-1J Max, Miriya, and Jetfire Will take Tail Section with pin and Tail Fins from 1/55 VF-1J Max, Miriya, VF-1S Skull Leader and G1 Jetfire PM me with a price for the parts if you prefer. Thanks!
  6. This guy actually emailed me bitching about me posting about my HONEST experience with him. I guess one of his shifty friends on MW sent him my post...like I care, his buds are more than welcomed to send him this one too. He threatened to spray my email addy all over the net...I guess he never heard of email filters.lol
  7. OMG!!! I my thoughts exactly. I am sure the 1/55 VF-1D would sell fast
  8. I member that my 1st 1/55 was G1 Jetfire. I worked my butt off workin to save for it...(yeah, we didn't have much) I remember watching the white kids in the Jetfire commercials and thinking "Lucky ass mot*** F***" LOL Then came Macross. I was stoked!! ...but the bad thing was that in those times, there weren't many places that sold Japanese imports like Takatokus or Bandais. Last year I was going through some old things to throw out and I wind up running into My Jetfire!!! ....I was like DUDE...This was a GREAT TOY!!! Now I find myself buying G1 Jetfires (If in the right condition) and 1/55 VFs...maybe to make up for lost time. So Are you kidding ME???? HELL YES!!! Not only would I like a 30th Annie reissue of the OG paint schemes, but I'd like to see the following paint schemes with perhaps improved , more detailed metal / plastic to last FOREVER!!!!!! AAAHHH!! =D New Paint Schemes: -Desert Camo -New Minmay Guard -Urban Camo -Jungle Camo (What the hell, why not) -Hello Kitty Limited Edition -Stealth Version of Super VF-1S or GBP VF-1S (Black Color base perhaps) w/ some luminous stickers perhaps. Reissue Sets: -Max Miriya combo pack (I think it was called Marriage Set?) -GBP VF-1S ....I'd also hope someone works out a coop to reissue Jetfire somehow but I seriously doubt that will happen. =( I just love the 1/55 mold so maybe they can use the same mold only add some metal ball joints to pose the 1/55's like the Revoltechs... OK, I think I had too much sugar so I will leave it at this =)
  9. BEWARE ON EBAY: Seller: Takatoku (aka Lake Chan) This guy is as shifty as they come, he will try and coax you with "FREE GIFTS" ...basically crap no one wants. He will play this card to guilt trip you into taking his terms, as ridiculous as they can get. I purchased 3 items from this guy. 2 of the three seemed fine as much as I was able to tell. The 3r item was a Takatoku Super VF-1S. It turned out to have a Bandai VF-1S in the box. Since he told me this was a Takatoku all the way, I wanted a refund of my $350.00 He offered to send me $10.00 back..I refused, then he offered $30.00 off if I buy something else from him....yea, like that was going to fix the problem...then he wanted me to send him the VF so he can have one of his buddies change the plate that says "Bandai" to with another back plate that reads takatoku....I refused, then he tried to play the victim and dragged out a drama about how he gave me all kinds of free crap I never asked for...and said I was taking advantage of him....then he goes on to tell me how all his seller friends tell him that he is "being too honest"...yea, I'm like what???? So honesty isn't the way to go in this dude's circle of shifty sellers. I got paypal to get this guy to refund my money so now I am posting to please beware of this guy. He now has the Takatoku VF-1S Super Valk on ebay. For all I know, this "MAY" be another Takatoky Super Valk. But it is too much of a coincidence that I returned the item ans all of a sudden he has one on same on ebay with a Takatoku back plate on it. Buy at your own risk!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE! http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_9565wt_1270 Same thing happened with me with YesAsia.com and ToysnJoys.com.. Ordered Bandai Origin of Valkyrie VF-1S and VF-1J from both these vendors and they could not not procure these toys. I ordered these back in December of 2011 and still nothing here in Feb or 2012. I Cancelled the orders and am awaiting my refunds. I asked them why the hell they would even advertise something they CLEARLY do NOT have in stock.....
  10. Wanted: Empty / Unused 1/55 Takatoku Boxes and / or Styrafoam inserts
  11. Hi =) I am interested in knowing where I can find a C8-C10 Complete G1 Jetfire. I would also like to hear from ya if you have any of the following items in good - great condition. Thanks Much! =) 1. C8-C10 G1 Jetfire Complete with C8+ Box 2. 1/55 Takatoku GBP-1S Armored Valkyrie or Takatoku GBP-1S Armor or Takatoku GBP-1S Armor Stickers 3. 1/55 Bandai VF-1A Stickers 4. 1/55 Takatoku VF-1A 5. 1/55 Takatoku VF-1? Empty Boxes with Foam or Super Valkyrie Foams / Boxes any info on these is appreciated =)
  12. I am considering taking my trashed / parts 1/55 Valkyries and making some camo desert and camo urban Valkyries. Any tips or advice would be great. Thanks
  13. Nice thread. I am considering some involved projects restoring trashed 1/55 Valks to have for myself. Getting informed before I even start sanding them down. I have always wanted a camo VF-1(A/J/S) etc. Camo desert, camo urban, etc. Not going to be easy but if anyone has any tips, feel free to. The paint for field weapons makes sense from a durability perspective.
  14. Thanks for the the photos EXO !!! Your Strike Valk clearly has notched ones.
  15. Finally got my cheap camera phone working o_O
  16. raven029


    From the album: Strike Valk

    Valk Antenna (No Notch) 2
  17. raven029


    From the album: Strike Valk

    Valk Antenna (no notch)
  18. Hey Agent-GHQ, you actually had a Strike Valk you offered to sell that has the same type of antenna (no notches). Chances are it may be normal.
  19. Hmm, your the 1st to indicate difficulty distinguishing the differences in the initial photos. I can certainly do that. Luckily the people that have had input so far know what I am referring to. Even though there can certainly other points of comparison, the main focus here is the ear difference (notch vs no notch) and whether or not this is normal for this particular toy and not an indication of tampering.
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