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  1. i have been planning to purchase one of this macross frontier Blu-rays 1. Macross F (Macross Frontier) - Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan (Blu-ray) (Japan Version) - or - 2. Macross F Chojiku Super Live Cosmic Nayaan) [blu-Ray+DVD] (Japan Version) ***note: these products can be seen in yesasia.com i have seen the "Macross F Chojiku Super Live Cosmic Nayaan" preview. but for the Galaxy Tour Final. i can't seem to view it since the trailer is being broadcasted by bandai visual and the content is not available in my country. among the two which is better? and whats the main difference between the two? and for you which one will you recommend. in my opinion i think the Galaxy Concert Tour will be a best buy for my side, since i can watch all the medias that comes with the package unlike the "Macross F Chojiku Super Live Cosmic Nayaan" the comes with DVD is in Region 2, here in the philippines we don't have region 2 DVD players. well it is doable if we use it witha a region All DVD player but its quite risky because i cannot determine the embedded security system of the disc. for you which would you recommend ? hehe i am a macross frontier fan and i love to watch the show sadly to complete the whole series in Blu-ray you will really need to spend quite a fortune. since its only available in japan.
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