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  1. Sorry, I missed that. I was focused on the set of both of them for $359.90. I guess blue plastic cost more than red? Another covid shortage?
  2. No worries, the message is easy to miss unless you scroll all the way down. BBTS is the safer option, I wish they had a Max and Millia combo that was a little cheaper like the Kitz Concept site does. I wonder why Max is $10 more than Millia on BBTS?
  3. I started a test order as well, I did not see anything that they do not ship to the USA. It will allow me to buy and it quotes a shipping cost. There is the message below on each item page. IMPORTANT SHIPPING REMARKS - Our Post Office has suspended all airmail services to Australia, Canada, France, Mexico and USA from 1 Jan 2022 until further notice. All express delivery orders to these countries can only be shipped when the services are resumed. I see Max and Millia on BBTS, the item cost is much higher. But after shipping it is only about $17 more at BBTS.
  4. Are you guys buying from the KitzConcept site? It says they do not ship to the USA.
  5. Hobby Japan Vintage vol 7 is up for pre order. This issue of "Hobby Japan Vintage" introduces and thoroughly explains the plastic models produced for "Super Dimension Fortress Macross," "Super Dimension Century Orguss," and "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern cross." The transition of the planning and design styles is explored with comparisons and interviews about products from Arii, Imai, Nichimo and LS, all of which were manufacturing plastic models from these series starting in 1980. Comparisons between the anime and how each company's model kits interpreted the animation image will also be discussed. Any fan of retro model kits will love this -- order yours today!
  6. BKPMacross

    Hi-Metal R

    So I found what I thought was a good deal for a Monster on a Buyee auction a while back. I went for it and thought I can just deal with the shipping later. I decided to try out shipping by sea for the first time to save some cash. They just told me they cannot ship the item since it contains a prohibited item, grease X1. Has anyone else seen this, or have any idea what they are saying is grease?
  7. I pre-ordered Roy from them in July. They sent me a tracking number on Nov 30th, but it took them until tonight to ship. I should have Roy on Thursday. Everyone else here I have spoken to got their DX much sooner. So I am not sure what went wrong with my order, but at least they did send it.
  8. The tracking number they sent me is for DHL.
  9. A couple weeks ago they told me it will ship next week, which did not happen. Then they told me not to worry it will ship after Christmas. Now they say it will ship in a day or two.
  10. It is been a month now since I got my tracking number from Luna Park for a Roy DX. They still have not shipped. I am not sure they have one to send. I will not be buying anything else from them. Looks like the other folks here were successful, but not me.
  11. Thanks, makes me feel better that you got yours. I will email them again. They seem to respond quickly to mails.
  12. Has anyone ordered the Roy DX from Luna Park and actually received their item? They sent me a tracking number on Nov 30th but it still says shipment info received.
  13. Maybe HLJ was trying to get some extra money from quarantined Macross fans who are not paying attention . I just checked again and it is now $26.32.
  14. $2,700.00 USD ??? Must be a nice book.
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