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  1. Thanks keoki! I probably would've bought yours if I didn't have these 2 on hand! Good luck to you too...
  2. Hi folks, Sorry to post this while other sellers also have one up on the forums! No disrespect intended... I ended up with two 1/48 stealth valks; bought this one from snip, but ended up getting another one in a trade! Yeah, lucky me, but I don't have space for both and my wife dropped the hammer, so gotta let one go. This is a MIB item never removed from the carton that I received on my recent purchase from Snip on the forums; it is in the plain white box that comes in the Stealth VF-1J w/ Super & Strike parts set (keeping the parts btw, so don't ask. . Asking $200 shipped (within continental U.S.) + 4% paypal, delivery via USPS priority. Any international sales will need shipping added on top of the $200 price. Thanks for looking!
  3. Would like to give snip312 a ton of props for a great transaction! Bought his 1/48 VF-1J Stealth set off him and had no problems at all. Package arrived quickly and very well protected, exactly as described. High 5's
  4. Ahhh... my bad, the Hikaru 1/60 VF-1S isn't on sale... in any case, it's cheap enough for me to buy anyways, but without knowing for sure whether it's okay or not is a sale-killer for me.
  5. So I guess it's basically a "buyer beware" situation if ordering any of the valks known to have the shoulder hinge issues? Unless they somehow inspected each item individually, I feel like it's kind of a bummer to knowingly sell those. I'd love to grab a Hikaru VF-1S, but the words "inevitable" and "cracking" keep preventing me from it.
  6. For sale: Megahouse/Toynami 1/15 Yellow Ride Armor Cyclone, never opened new in box. See pic for slight ding on box side... $70 + shipping and 4% paypal. Thanks for checking it out...
  7. Bumps... still available! Grab these little dudes for fun times in your office when you're bored at work. lol
  8. Hi everyone, Putting up a complete set of the Robotech New Generation I-Men, MISB. $40 shipped within the U.S. Thanks! New to the forum, but I can provide excellent feedback from other forums I frequent along with Eb*y feedback.
  9. New to the forum, so I was stoked to have a great first transaction with Chowser and his brother... Bought a set of 1/60 super / strike parts from them. Super fast shipping and condition was spot on!
  10. Hi folks, In the hunt for one of the Anniversary VF-1S Hikaru Super/Strike Plus Valks! Get in touch if you have one for sale... I'm new to the forum, but can provide positive buyer feedback from other forums that I frequent (along with eb*y feedback). Thanks!
  11. Hi Chowser, Paypal sent for the super strike parts to your brother! Thanks for the sale... I'll be sure to post some feedback up for you once the transaction is finalized and the parts get to me.
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