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  1. Hello Misa,

    I am on yahoo if you would like to chat! :D

    My Yahoo is Akashicsoldier2@yahoo.com

  2. Yeah, I have to go to bed now because I'm old too and its 3am :p

    Dont suppose there is any news/rumour of anything NEW mMcross related is there? A comic series, a new animated series?

  3. I never intended for you to feel targeted or picked on. Sorry. I honestly did just find the whole discussion rather counter-productive. It seemed like there was a whole bunch of hate and not many solutions coming out of it. Anyways, my deepest apologies, all the best Gubaba!

  4. Its certainly a nice place for me to start! Thank you! ^_^

  5. Its fine. I guess I was just getting old and wanted to meet new people who liked the same thing as me. I have a bunch of Macross stuff that my other friends ask why I don't just sell off and I kind of realized that I needed to meet new people who were still into this.

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