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  1. Heyo! Has anyone else tried out Guild Wars 2 yet? I'll post some screens of my main character and some battles. 1. Myself 2. Trying out the PvP mode World v. World where it pits servers against each other. 3. PvE dragon boss battle with flak cannons.
  2. GU-11, the emlem editor doesn't have an airbrush feature and you can use it on and offline. However, the game automatically logs you to an online account if you're connected already. Editing an imagine is really just fitting all the dozens of smaller images you have available. Short example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn1T8xGWwx4&feature=related As for the learning curve; it's definitely not as bad as previous titles. This time around I only had to change one pair of buttons so I could use both main weapons on the same shoulder buttons. Other than that expect about 5-10 minutes to get everything down.
  3. I suppose why not? They made the VF-25 almost completely dependent on super packs in space and the Macross Quarter can holster a flight deck on its back. Oh, and the VF-25S very briefly used a bubble shield from its backpacks.
  4. Ouch... that sucks indeed. I can give you a hint about the story though. It's only the tutorial mission that will mess you up. Airbrushing giving satisfaction? Take a look at the emblem work Japanese players have done with only the limited tools in-game (Valkyrie @ 0:21). I really want to get in GW2 by the way, but I may wait a month or two before I do a pre-purchase. As a casual player of the first game, I'm thankful that they both simplified the skill system and yet added more functions to make it interesting.
  5. It's generally assumed that most Macross-class ships can recreate the Omni-directional barrier system, but since these ships were in the frontline among friendly ships and energy is directed toward charging the cannons, shields would both lose priority and be too dangerous to use. The only viable substitute is the Pin-Point Barrier System.
  6. Side-track'ing here. The story for Armored Core 5 suddenly got more interesting and understandable when I played through all the missions.
  7. Damn those witty, flank-happy suicide bombers. They always mess up the big guns.
  8. Armored Core 4 started it's own universe and story with 4A as a direct sequel. 4A in particular was widely popular as a story in Japan with many artists on Pixiv drawing many of the pilots and operators. AC5 though, has a HORRENDOUS story. I'm just starting it, myself, but wow I don't know what the frell is going on. One mission you're working for the company and the next you're on the resistance. WTF?! The MGS HD collection is just the start and it's been out for a little bit now. Next I hear coming soon were the Zone of the Enders and Silent Hill HD collections.
  9. The controls seem a litle easier this time around, but then again I'm one of those types who put their weapons on one side of the controller and boosters on the opposite end. Strategy is very apparent and encouraged unlike 4A where quick-boosting and AP-whittling was dominant. I just can't wait to unlock the Grind Blade for my Indigo Haze. >=D Legend of Dragoon, ahhhh yeah. I definitely loved the story, but I had to get used to the timing combat for a while. Haschel was a prick! =(
  10. Ace Combat 4 & 5, Legend of Dragoon, Jet Moto, Gundam Battle Assault, Metal Gear Solid 3, and others are still golden to me. Good times. I remember there used to be a certain quality when you would go to a video rental place (while they were transitioning from tapes to DVD's) and you hoped your favorite game wasn't taken by someone else.
  11. Why 3D? o.O It's a stupid gimmick and everyone knows it! > I bet nearly a quarter or more of gamers, like myself, have built up eye problems (astigmatism) just from playing normal games for many many years and NOW the companies want to screw with us by putting in 3D. I know it's an option, but damn, I bet you can cut a chunk of cost there by removing that crap.
  12. Although there's hate for dubstep, it really could be worse. It could be nightcore.
  13. frakk dubstep you say? Wub wub wub mofo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiRhrsgZ6uE&feature=related
  14. I'm throwin' money at the screen, but NOTHING IS HAPPENING! > I vote to fund it and raise the idea with lesbian love triangle.
  15. Metal Gear Ray... what have they done to you! >=O Not only did you get the ugliest overhaul ever, but you got thrown around by a disembodied metrosexual (the only living parts of Raiden's body are his skull, excluding the lower jaw, and spinal column) like a dog's chew toy! I think I'll pass on Rising. I had my fun on MGS4 and it just looks like Shinobi with Gundam 00 plot overtones at the beginning. I will, on the other hand, be expecting greatness from Zone of the Enders 3. Speaking of which, has anyone heard that there's going to be a ZOE HD collection?
  16. Well, not exactly a true air show, but some people are just bored in AC:FA.
  17. Just saw this movie on youtube (without subs) and I'll say there was only one thing that made it worth while to me...
  18. Where's my Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy? T_T
  19. And suddenly... SAMURAI X with Bon Jovi! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSkVtk5ZUc8&feature=channel_video_title
  20. What has been seen.... cannot be unseen (and I didn't even click for full image). HOLY CRAP I want it to go away! T_T
  21. So I was wondering if anyone else was just in the habit of trying to find decent AMV's or MAD videos on youtube or other sites? If you have found something good, please put it up here as I'll contribute as well. :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbCxCwvHqy0&feature=channel_video_title
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