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  1. Not sure what is this.....something about recording her team's voice https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1388826900152344581?s=21&fbclid=IwAR1xxJ6eJIM3j5Fx-23eyf9VGWqAHfyBwtWDc7UWNh2RPbXWMRPtoog_GKk
  2. Finally here! The full version of Mirai Note (Future Note)
  3. Part 2 of Sora Senpai! Fun as usual. I think the answer for the question from the fan from Malaysia is 'off topic'! The person is asking her what kind of voice technique she uses to prevent it from going off tune! XD The story of Sheryl's final song was really interesting! Just asking your opinion : Why do you think the audience would sing along (only outside of Japan) especially 'Diamond Crevasse' and 'Lion'?
  4. There's a Stationery shop called Nakabayashi (70 years now) and May'n real name Mei Nakabayashi. So they collaborated - Nakabayashi x Nakabayashi !! A new song is born - Mirai Note (Future Note). Currently only the short version of the video is available. Check out the site : https://www.nakabayashi.co.jp/mirai-note/ Video below :
  5. May'n as a guest on Sora Senpai - 1 of 3. The first episode talks about her road to stardom! You'll love parents like these! 7.55 XD. But of course, the parents saw her passion and determination on the subject that they're confident about her decision.
  6. Suddenly found this. Maybe because of the 'landmark agreement' between Harmony Gold and the Makers of Macross, that news that were not permitted to be view by the rest of the world is now open! This Event was the launching of 'Sayonara no Tsubasa' 26.2.2011 at Sunshine 60, Ikebukuro. I made it there but was unable to go in. From Left to Right (Shoji Kawamori, May'n, Megumi Nakajima (Ranka), Aya Endo (Sheryl's voice actress) and Yuichi Nakamura (Alto) At 11.14, May'n seemed to caught by surprise! XD
  7. May'n will be playing the role of Gloria in the JACK the Ripper musical. It would be interesting if they do a female version of it! https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12667820197.html?fbclid=IwAR37rUL6jLM5Yg34uRyxNv9w5WQ425AzVGxtaX5vpfkk7Rq_qZGf0h71KWE
  8. A Full album called 'Momentbook' will be released on 30th June 2021. There's a B-ray version that comes with a 150min production documentary! http://mayn.jp/momentbook/
  9. May'n appearing as a Guest at Ayaka Ohashi & Kagra Nana - NicoLive You can watch part of the stream but the rest you have to buy a ticket. https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv331164310
  10. Trying out Cream Cheek for the first time......
  11. Some nice photos taken after her performance (first two -that guy who stiff in every photo is a drummer) and some photos taken at home with Mu chan (3,4,5)
  12. Yesterday 13.3.21 at a Macross Fan club event, May'n, Megumi (Ranka) and Aya Endo (Sheryl's voice actress) had an event. At the end of the session they all posed with their AR characters https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12662211698.html?fbclid=IwAR3FuuoAVqRwknW40IMTjyLZip1DLjQAm9pp1HmlSplyrFofKObTYIPA8X4
  13. Hi*Channel - May'n as MC. She sings at 19:00. The song is familiar but just can't remember from which anime it was. Can anyone guess? (I found the answer already)
  14. Just in yesterday! Additional footage to the existing ones (Gorgeous and Good Job!) - Sayonara No Tsubasa 3:17! More Sheryl footage! XD
  15. Today 26th Feb back in 2011, it was the launching of Sayonara no Tsubasa! The event was held at Sunshine 60 top floor and they had the Main poster the size of the entire wall! No, like many of us who asked - it wasn't for sale! Lining up from the beginning of the street to Sunshine 60 were Sheryl's posters on both side and every lamp post! I was so tempted to come back late at night and steal one of them! But of course I didn't! XD May'n, together with the main cast of the 2nd movie was there to give a press conference and only lucky fan club members could attend.
  16. May'n 15 colors Concept LIVE 26th December 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZYQ_D5e55U
  17. This was what I wanted to post before the Macross F news - May'n won the popular artist award at WEIBO Festival (883k followers!) https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12654679856.html?fbclid=IwAR0f4JU9IfDK17pVbGUJId0-dgm7zna9KobDMHNgeg4AKgwplRbEySEGhV4 and she was so happy - guess what song is she singing?
  18. It's a pay to watch event, I suppose if you're a Fanclub member you could watch it after the 'LIVE' broadcast.
  19. Supposed to post something else first but this can't wait! Last night's event and surprise message! Rejoice! https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12655086385.html?fbclid=IwAR3hrj8DAP8-resm3MlL56mgoPZrWTOkv50cRH8YCwLyOZxvWZqIY-vY72w
  20. Remember that 'thingy' (some kind of charm to ward off evil spirits) she was holding in the video, she brought it home and her cat Mu Chan wanted a piece off it and she had to put it in a high place where the cat can't get it! XD https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12654472509.html?fbclid=IwAR1ay9dMNz0PjhYwxvS3pmCX6A9X3jjXib_BdKoNRof0HacwTO2lqtiqzFI It seems a busy week for May'n - looking at some Bento prepared for guest at some event! Shrieking at the delicious looking food! XD
  21. Pelting the Demon in progress! XD and Remembering the loneliness when she first shifted to Tokyo and celebrated 'Setsubun' alone. Later her staff celebrated with her and she was really happy! XD
  22. It's a yearly affair - pelting the demon with beans and something only a Japanese would know - eating potato....silently https://twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1356460684553281538?s=21&fbclid=IwAR0YHw_bign7ThDQccZApKfCvHQm4sLwdQaZ7afd_ogGEkaKQOndNqKC_ss
  23. After the postponement of Macross F concert a panel event will be held on March 13, in two parts (5pm to 7pm and 7pm to 9pm) featuring Aya Endo (talking voice of Sheryl Nome), May'n and Megumi Nakajima (Ranka). No plans for any singing planned. https://www.macross-fanclub.com/posts/news/hgiezz?fbclid=IwAR2zXySrnsM5NgFspI7E1hFhdOyDv7ZzxS-HlkMZno9nb6EZIbTXG0qsb4g
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