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  1. ^ 1.) Nyaa.eu shall answer your prayers. Oh, man... and don't forget to update your CCCP and install some specialized codecs 'cause them subbers are stubbornly sticking to Hi10p. http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/?p=205#guide 2.) Once you have DL'd the movie, just watch to find out what happened.
  2. Damn. Ozma's bird looks more like a ringer for a modded Berkut.
  3. i.e. Douglas SBD Dauntless > Curtiss SB2C Helldiver (the latter sucked in the performance department, and thus incurred more casualties)
  4. Suffice to say a hero needs a flying machine worthy of his skills, and it seems that the Durandal found Alto instead of Ozma. I believe the YF-29 was rightfully assigned to Alto because he's the only one ace enough to go through heavy flak, that the plane uses a lot of fold crystals and anti-Vajra countermeasures, and that he carries one of two of Sheryl's earrings -- the fold crystals -- on his person. Emitting heavy amounts of fold crystal radiation to confound the Vajra, the plane served its job very well in neutralizing the Vajra Queen, without having to kill her outright. Also, if I'm correct... Alto's (and before that Gilliam's) VF-25 was also marked as "SMS007".
  5. Funny, as if some of you were expecting Sheryl to stay back at the homefront to dish out songs, and leave the warfighting to the professionals. Unless she decides to do a Basara.
  6. Fixed. ^^; Sorry, didn't know that because in my country that show was first aired on TV around 2000.
  7. Here's my two cents on some matters: Employment age - historically underage teens were recruited to serve on naval ships as midshipmen, or in the army as drummers or runners; in the Vietnam War the average age of a draftee was nineteen, and in Blackhawk Down (the film version) one of the young Rangers stated his age as 17 while being asked by a clerk. In this case despite being a minor Luca had a good reason to be in SMS: his family company was, after all, involved in the development and production of the Messiahs, as well as being the resident child prodigy. Fortunately, teens don't drink or smoke in this show, as the age limit in Japan is 20. Ranka - it's not uncommon in Japan that most girls of her age are petite, therefore she looks like a 14-year old or even a "tween". We can only wonder what brought Kawamori to have her character design done in such a way - was it for the sake of marketing (cashing on the moe trend) or for contrast between her and Sheryl? Unlike Lucky Star or Clannad, I don't see anything wrong with her being depicted as child-like (and thus provide a characterization contrast), but this is why some jaded anime watchers avoid shows that have child-like teenage characters (there's this hater in ANN who derided MF as a moefest, and extolled SDFM) and gravitate to either "realistic" or old-school character designs. Revealing clothing - I've seen some pop concert videos with the singer in slightly-revealing attire, but that's the part of her packaging (and I think it's always been that way since Madonna; if some of you thought Ranka's stage attire was bad, Lady Gaga takes the cake for driving her onstage fashion sense to extremes, or Lil Kim, or kiddie "beauty pageants" in some parts of America). Bri is right though; anime isn't about pure realism - it's supposed to be entertainment (lest you consider Graveyard of the Fireflies).
  8. Meanwhile it's still sad and hilarious that in some forums (i.e. ASuki, MAL) shipping wars persist even after the conclusion of the love triangle.
  9. Those funny rose-tinted glasses again. Seems that I'm reading some contradictory comments that carried both like and dislike on the same paragraph. Nah, let's just say that the Frontier saga has inspired me to find and watch all 39 episodes of SDFM... but only if I first get cash to upgrade my hard drive to half a terabyte.
  10. Sorry if I haven't produced a Spooky, but instead decided on doing something else:
  11. To convert .ASS files to .SRTs I use the freeware AegiSub editor. http://www.aegisub.org/
  12. The .ass subtitles are easy to edit with even Notepad or any ASCII editor. The fansubbers should've asked here for technical consultation.
  13. OT: Unfortunately, they're too busy proselytizing about the supposed benefits of Hi10p.
  14. Okay, I noticed the bleeding now (lately my eyes are kind of screwy which means I'll have to get a new set of glasses), and a little touchup will do. As for requests, someone at the other forum wants me to "itasha-fy" an AC-130 Spooky.
  15. I thought a big deal for a while, and figured that since I'm done with the Frontier universe, I'm now motivated to pick up SDFM and rediscover that old-time religion. For better or for worse, SnT did more to affect me than any other movie I watched through this year; it blew me out of the water.
  16. If the supplementary light novels were to be fan-translated, I'd be reading them because they (supposedly) supply some of those details missing and addressing the loose ends seen in both the TV series and the movies. If this flick were to be three hours, then there might be some more coherence, but since this runs to almost two hours, some things had to be cut out... not until we might get an extended Director's Cut or something.
  17. Then if you don't like it, short of saying it's all crap, what do you recommend for us instead? Go back to the old days?
  18. A little break from the usual and my sense of humor at work (in progress), after toying with the idea of a C-130 'tour bus' in the aftermath of my SnT second helping. Update: It's done, guys!
  19. One thing's for sure: this flick ain't no Pearl Harbor. Meaning to say, I'm not a cineaste expecting everything perfect and almost close to a Miyazaki, but just a mere guy who likes to watch for the sake of entertainment, being pulled in by the lapels and then strapped into the seat, before blasting off to the blue yonder. The thing that really works for the movie, I believe (and Xard had experienced first-hand at watching SnT in a real Japanese cinema), is emotional participation more than narrative craftsmanship or cinematographic perfection: you laugh, you cry, you're boiling mad at Leon, or you yell at Alto to blow those SOBs out of the sky, and sometimes you feel your heart pounding. You want a great closure to tie up all loose ends, you want to see some mistakes addressed and rectified, and a sweeping grand finale to top something like Independence Day or Armageddon. This film has it all, even if by necessity had to be packed in almost two hours instead of three. Now if you took away the emotional underpinnings that made this film effective, a cineaste would've been horrified to see it's all been jammed and cut up and then mashed in, wondering what happened between the gaps, wondering where the heck are the details (unless one has to pick up the light novel adaptations which gives more detail and information). Me, while watching I'd rather fill in the empty blanks with the experience I had with the MF TV series, and then try to connect the dots.
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