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  1. Found this on my favorite usual newsblog -- Yaraon. http://www.4gamer.net/games/185/G018559/20120922012/
  2. I'll never forget this guy's baritone... and his arse in Armageddon. Thanks, Big Man Duncan.
  3. ^ In the same way their oddball entrepreneurs make funny blatant imitations of brands and logos, and then bolt them to their storefronts. Or create a MacF knockoff. Either way, I just can't embrace the phenomenon, it's not for me because I have a soft spot for human imperfection.
  4. "Puny god". So pricelessly funny and ironic.
  5. In my country some will think it's a new cellular phone service promotion.
  6. Just a few weeks ago we had Curiosity safe on the surface of Mars, and then this. We raise a toast to the man who's synonymous with legend, among the rare few who went to the Moon and back. Thank you.
  7. In the light of one of the worst mass murders in US history, I felt that the timing was pretty bad, and they're having dumb newsies asking stupid questions that would predictably make legislators and other violence-averse people -- the types who want to "save the children" -- panic and shriek.
  8. Thanks! BTW, right now where I'm sitting, I'm cooking up something big for the 30th anniversary, and as always it's WIP.
  9. Even if it looked damn cheesy, in and out, it worked as advertised, and the show sprouted wings in the end. Clearly 0048 may not be a show that everyone could like, nor it'll easily win awards, but here's my final take: Now I'll try to get back to SDFM on my drive, just in time for the anniversary.
  10. ^ Couldn't find a better hi-res line scan of J models, which left me with that old-school Herc without the now-standard external tanks. Since some people are still nostalgic, maybe later I'll take a shot at a few VF-1s, now that I have the VF Master File on ready.
  11. LOGH is the one epic galactic saga of great and sanctified manliness that everything else is sized up against.
  12. ^ Sounds real interesting... What episode?
  13. Squadron 3, RAAF. Note that much of the detailing were based from the F18, and are in high-viz color, and a few elements rearranged to fit with the Messiah's layout. Also, as many air arms on Earth were integrated into UN and later NUN, along with the eventual standardization of rank, unit and squadron designations, some squadrons were allowed to retain their heritage and past unit histories (i.e. insignia, coolor motifs, emblems, national flag, etc.).
  14. Yep. Also, to broaden further I'm considering about using foreign naval paint schemes.
  15. ^ Space Bros and Kids on the Slope are the only few that buck the trend, and then it take much sifting to find real gems that emphasize on real storytelling without having to resort to the usual gimmicks. Also, there's huge popular interest in Korean entertainment, so much that anime shops overseas board up and file for bankruptcy.
  16. As the trainees were told during the selection episode, the DGTO machines are unmanned and programmed combat drones.
  17. As I live in a third-world country without a credit card, I don't have to buy, but I can only provide praise or moral support. But I'm not angry, just sad. I'm a normal fan who just happens to have found a new opportunity to rewatch the series after a very long time, and for her to do the unexpected on such a personal level abruptly left me a lasting impression about her personality more than her music.
  18. I would have been happy to support... if only she didn't have to kick my arse twice on both Twitter and Facebook for innocently mentioning Macross in a comment. Now will you guys excuse me as I get something hard to drink?
  19. I'd been already told about that, and sure she provides full access... but the thing is, except for a few there's a whole generation of anime fans (or so they call themselves fans) who haven't even heard of her. Personally I'm very disappointed, but I wish her luck in so a difficult path she has chosen. That's all I can say.
  20. To quote some fan who thought otherwise: True, it's highly commendable that she did all of that, but who gets to listen to them?
  21. Finally, a thread about her pulling off a "Get a Life". I got my arse kicked twice just because of admiring, and this might as well be the best place to get this issue off my chest. I hear that someone listened to her songs on live at an anime expo, and according to him, most of them were all about unrequited love. It makes for startling contrast that while May'n and Nakajima were able to go a step beyond Frontier in terms of achievement as singers, Mari's pretty much stuck up, never got to progress or diversify or evolve beyond that single pinnacle of success in 1982. I mean, she's that big "could-have, would-have, should-have" who's also saddled with personal issues. If she were to debut right now as a singer, Mari would've have a lot more options to choose from to bring out her music to the world. Yet in 1982 everything depended on her agency, who did the talking, the deals, and determined how much she's getting. And then I'm sure even at that time there's hundreds of other small-league idols doing the same thing, going from discovery to short-lived fame to disposal, never lasting a year. Had it not for her being asked by BIg West to do Minmay on the strength of her songs, she would've been an obscure housewife writing songs on the side and singing them in an out-of-the-way cabaret. She could've used her fame as a springboard to better and bigger things. But she didn't, because she imposed the limits on herself... and damn, Pink Lady and Seiko Matsuda had it much better.
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