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    Sorry if I just got back after a very long time, and a bit too late to post, but this weekend, and especially this Sunday, we'll be having none other than Shoji Kawamori at APCC right in Manila; he'll be holding a workshop and Q&A starting at 2:00pm Manila Standard Time, and as an aside there's also a small exhibit featuring some of his work. :)




  2. from the website:

    Cancellation of Animax Carnival Philippines 2013

    The upcoming Animax Carnival Philippines, which was scheduled to be held in Manila on Sunday, December 8, 2013,

    has been cancelled. Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia, which owns and operates Animax, made the decision out

    of respect for the nation as it grieves the devastating losses resulting from typhoon Yolanda. The company wishes to

    express our heartfelt sympathy to all Filipinos affected by this natural disaster.

    Yes, I did pledged a large sum from my week's bonanza to the local Red Cross to help the victims, but I didn't expect them to pull the plug all the sudden out of severe austerity. :o

  3. ^

    That makes sense. I understand that many young Japanese performers -- whether they're actors, singers, idols, or seiyuu -- have contractual obligations required by their agency, to ensure that their public image stay intact.

    Earlier, I was wondering what was going on and then this news.

    Now if she's making a serious reassessment of her future career and choices she'll make, I'll respect her decisions, whatever they would be. If that includes going back to her roots, then we're ready and the door's open.

  4. Whatever it is, all this news will eventually reach the other side of the planet, and I'm sure right now 2ch is looking into it like bears to honey.

    It may not amount to an easy victory, but even then it's still significant. I hope I live long enough before the whole franchise be returned to the real people (even to their heirs should they soon pass from this earth) who made it by their minds and hands, not the money-grubbing pretenders, squatters and the poseurs.

  5. 6 of the SKE48 members (what do they have to do w/ Macross and why is their an ad for them in the Macross stuff?!)

    Clarification: I think that's the idol group's (they're everywhere :lol:) informal 2D (animation/ACG) club, and thus fans of the show; at least two members lent their voices to the 0048 series, so that counts as an IOU to Kawamori.

  6. This just in, especially to those living in Honolulu.


    The Hawaii Entertainment Expo (HEX) has announced that Final Fantasygames series composer Nobuo Uematsu, Vocaloid composer livetune, niconico singer Akiakane, voice actress and singer Megumi Nakajima, and voice actor Kazuki Yao will all be attending the October 19-21 convention.


    Actress and singer Megumi Nakajima is best known for voicing Macross Frontier's Ranka Lee. She's also performed the theme songs for both seasons ofLagrange - The Flower of Rin-ne and voiced the character Grania. She was tapped to lend her singing voice to the Vocaloid GUMI, the mascot character for Megpoid's singing synthesizer. She'll be playing the part of Altene "Lene" in this season's sci-fi doll seriesBusou Shinki.

    This could be your next shot to meet Ranka in person. :D

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