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  1. Diablo I love the sub mode and awesome use of the flightpose stand blackconvoy. I've been having fun with depth of field on my camera. Putting characters in the foreground.
  2. All these amazing pictures motivated me to get out the tripod and take some pictures. I personally just love the elintseeker because it has so much going on. All that hardware somehow makes it look more realistic to me. You'll notice that mine has been outfitted with a few missiles for long range fire support.
  3. Lolicon I love your photos. Really nice pictures of the figures. I actually downloaded some and I've been using them for reference while working on my figure drawing. Just wanted to let you know and hope you keep posting such great photos of your collection.
  4. A photo of my VT-22 Hess Refueling Valkyrie in fighter mode. This Valk has reduced fire power and armor allowing it to hold additional internal fuel as well as external fuel tanks for in air refueling operations. It's a real pain to transform.
  5. Just checked mine. The only problem was with my VF-0S. I had the one post against the little bottom fin with 301 printed on it. The tip of the post sort of stuck a little but there was no damage. But it had only been on that stand in that configuration for maybe 2 weeks. I imagine if I had left it there long enough things could have been really bad. All the other posts were touching bare plastic. I plan to keep using the stand but make sure the tips only touch bare plastic. What I saw supports the idea that there is a reaction between the tip material and paints of certain types. Washing it won't help if this is the case. FWIW, I did just mess around with one of my stands and it's easy to pop the caps off. then you just have acrylic which shouldn't react with anything. Of course you won't get that sure grip anymore, but someone mentioned those little nubs you can buy to put under the legs of furniture to avoid scratching. Maybe just stick the small ones to the ends of the acrylic pipes?
  6. I just replaced the shoulder pieces on my vf-1s. It's the earlier version not the DYRL one. For what it's worth there is a picture of the replacement piece and old piece for comparison. The new pieces feel smooth and strong. I just have to say a big thanks to scorched earth toys for their walkthrough. Now the toy feels solid and having gone through that process I feel like I understand how really sturdy these things are for the most part. I'm such a chicken I almost backed out of transforming it like 5 or 6 times got me through that.
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