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  1. The Firebomber Red is done. I am posting it here and will add it onto my online store in the new year. The shirt is the same as the Roy, SMS, and Hikaru, just slightly thicker. The red in comparison to the Hikaru Red, which is more of a vintage red, is more saturated and vibrant. On the front is Basara's guitar, on the back is the Fire Valk's silhouette, and on the sleeve is the lightning bolt which can be seen on the Fire Valks head. The shirt is $25 (XXL and larger +$2). If you are interested in orders, please PM me. Also please allow about a week before shipping, I need to take a count of how many will be purchasing before I order more blank shirts. Thanks -knives-
  2. Sorry for the late reply, i'm happy that the shirts are comfy. when deciding on making shirts, i wanted to make shirts i would actually wear, and use good materials. i was thinking of designs using peoples heads or their helmets, but might be too detailed for a sleeve. i was making a Solid Snake design and being the main design, it was already tough. would be easier with silk screening, but not cost effective and as fast to produce when making smaller runs like mine. not to mention my wife wouldn't be happy with a big silk screen machine in the garage, haha.
  3. I'm glad you liked them!! HAHA, thats awesome! I know I definitely get looks and nods of recognition when i where my shirts. With the demand of the Fockers, I may have to bring them back. but I will keep the other shirts limited. as it stands the SMS was only made available to Macross World on this post. if I do reissue the Focker shirt, I will put my logo in grey on the left sleeve. I want the people who bought the first batch to be able to distinguish that they have the original release. Thanks for the second order! Thanks again all for your patronage. It makes me happy to know that you like my shirts and that others that love Macross show it when they see you wearing them! -knives-
  4. I'm sorry to hear that Thanks, i'm glad you like it. I want to finish my Macross Plus design before I bring out any more designs. I do have a M7 Diamond for shirt in mind when I do another M7 though. I just need to do more research on what I can use, because I don't really remember any significant decals on those VF-17Ds or the Diamond force's logo. Yes, I definitely have plans for a M+ shirt with a design sketched up...and it will be a YF-19 for sure. i was hoping to get that out before the M7, but i've been too busy. I'll have it out asap. Thanks for the interest guys and glad you like them! I have a bunch of designs i wanna get out, but shirts with wording was always in my plans, i just wanted to get these themed ones done first. first phase are themed shirts, the characters personality + valk color scheme. next phase will be shirts with words. I have an awesome one for M+. I like that Yak! Deculture!, i'll see what I can do...an Idea just popped in my head
  5. Hey guys, got a comp of what the final design of the Firebomber shirt will look like. I'll post more pics when I have it on an actual shirt. the Red shirt and lightning are the same color scheme as the Fire Valk and the guitar graphic is a royal purple like the majority color of Basara's guitar.
  6. good news, for black friday weekend and the demand for it, I decided to open up orders for the roy focker black. if any one is interested, i'll take orders up until monday morning.
  7. Thanks for the nice words Drad and thanks for your purchase. I currently have 1 XL of the SMS left and that will conclude the limited run for the SMS which was only available on MW. There are a handful of Hikaru Reds available as well. -knives-
  8. Yes, I still have some shirts available. I have a Macross 7 Firebomber shirt that I'm almost done with. I'll post it up soon. I really appreciate your feedback and I'm very happy that you like them! I find myself wearing the shirts often as well, haha.
  9. Thanks to all who purchased shirts. The SMS and Hikaru shirts are close to the end of their limited run. I will be bringing out the next couple of shirts within the next few weeks.
  10. Thanks ErikElvis and to those who stopped by at the Con to pick up shirts. Thanks to you I sold enough Fockers to consider my limited run of that shirt over. There are a few Hikarus and SMS shirts available, and once those go, those runs will end as well. I will consider selling more of the Fockers if enough people are interested by the end of this month. I will be updating my store this weekend, but will honor any orders from there if any are made before I mark the shirts as Sold Out. Thanks again for your patronage.
  11. Sorry, my designs are set. Not planning on any requests that would change them and the shirts are limited. Thanks for your interest.
  12. Let me know which ones you want, ill put them aside for you cypherxv and UN Spacy. These shirts will be on a small limited run, so ill put you guys on the list to reserve them for you. PM me size, which shirt and quantity. Thanks.
  13. Yes, they are, PM me if you are interested.
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