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  1. If you still have original hardware (and some cash to spend) you can always get a Mega Everdrive Pro or a Mega SD flash cart and a RetroTink 2X for that maximum nostalgia trip.
  2. One of my favorite actors growing up. RIP Zed.
  3. Looks good but the limited quantities thing is putting me off. Also I don't think a Turbo Everdrive will fit in the card slot. My MiSTer FPGA box does the PCE/TG16/CD perfectly and there's no need for me to get this. The price they are charging for it is right though.
  4. Man I miss playing lightgun games the with the GunCon 2. I think I own all the U.S. GunCon 2 compatible games on the PS2 (my favorite being Sega's Vampire Night). I remember having to buy that stupid Sony AV adapter thing to use it because at the time I ran all my consoles through s-video. It worked great and was very accurate.
  5. Thanks for that news. Gonna try the patch. I'm kinda disappointed that he couldn't add the two missing elephants back into Dhalsim's stage. It was one of the few things that bugged me about the SNES and Genesis ports. Off topic, but I finally received my two Terraonion MODEs last week and installed both without any problems. The Saturn install took about 18 minutes and the Dreamcast install was about 10 minutes. The games feel like they load a tiny bit faster (I'm using 1tb SSDs in both systems btw), mostly a second or two. I will recommend that you buy a micro sd card extender (around 9
  6. Yes, things have massively improved since that Game Sack review. I don't think they even had cores for CPS1, Neo Geo, Sega CD, or TG16 CD when that review was put out. There's a PS1 core in development and is progressing smoothly, and a Sega 16 arcade board core (Golden Axe, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Fantasy Zone, etc...) being worked on as well. There has been support for external hard drives and larger micro SD cards for a while now so your digital collection would be totally playable if there are system specific cores to run them.
  7. Built me a MiSTer FPGA box for my retro gaming needs recently. Been playing a lot of Capcom CPS1 arcade games (Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Carrier Air Wing, and U.N. Squadron mostly) and a ton of Neo Geo games after a long day of work. I just got Turbografx CD and Sega CD games finally working on it and it plays them all perfectly. I think I'm going to finally box up my consoles for good this time. If anyone is interested, this is the guy I bought it from: https://misteraddons.com/ I also followed his video on how to assemble it here: This is the SD card tutorial I
  8. Just got a your order has shipped email from Amazon JP. I'm hoping DHL doesn't use it as a kickball this time.
  9. Terraonion just announced a ODE for the Dreamcast/Saturn. So hyped for this! Now to get started ripping my collection.
  10. I just watched the 4K UHD blu-ray of First Blood like last week. He was great in that! RIP.
  11. Really digging the retro style box art Black Valkyrie has been posting. I really wish Sega never ditched the grid box art in favor for the solid red ones.
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