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  1. Maybe I should sell my VE-1. It's in excellent shape except I only have super armor and not the original armor. I wonder what it would sell for with that little swap.

  2. If the 1/60 line was any indication, then they won't release the valk and armor separate. I really can't imagine getting it without the fast packs, but then again, I did that with the 1/55 reissue. Although, had Bandai offered the fast packs, I'm sure I would have bought them.

  3. One piece of advice, look for group auctions on ebay. You might be able to snag a bunch of valks for dirt cheap.

    Possibly, but for the 1/60 valks, I bought an awful lot just by browsing farther down than I would normally expect. Meaning, I bought several for 25-30 bucks. I don't know if that is still a trend, and that was only for the standard 1/60 VF-1, but still, that's a nice price compared to what they originally were or what the others are now. It's a good spot to start a collection.

  4. I recall back in the day when those Takatokus were the only valkyries available, and they sure rocked. Granted, compared to a Yamato now, they don't look great, but they hold a lot of significance for anybody who collected before Yamato or even the Bandai reissuses came out. And, from a collector's standpoint, I can only buy so many Yamatos and Bandai reissues before I want something else. I have 48 reissues, and even though I have my Takatokus off to the side, they still represent a good portion of the collection.

    Besides, Bandai never released a new VE-1, VT-1, or strike, so from that standpoint, I think those valkyries are nicer than anything Yamato or new Bandai ever released. Besides, the box art kicks ass, where as the new ones are rather lacking.


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