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  1. 8 hours ago, Shizuka the Cat said:

    I am kind of in agreement with @jenius

    I love Macross Frontier.  It's my favorite of the Macross shows. I loved the music, the spectacle, the story of the TV series.

    But the Macross Frontier movies? Umm... other than the spectacle, I feel like the movies did not live up to the TV series. It was so disappointing.

    Because of that, I am probably not going to see the Frontier movies at the AMC near me. *sigh* I really wish I could love the movies.

    That is how I felt about the films at first. The. I went 6 or so years and watched them on their own, and they held up much better.


    I somewhat share that opinion on all series vs ova movie specials.

  2. Onward. Gave in on the cockpit. Academy didn't even bother including the correct console. Nabbed some 1/48 details made for the Revell kit I'll try to splice in. Wanted to glue the nose to the body and get that last gap finished so together she went.


  3. 13 hours ago, MechTech said:


    @Rock That stinks about the gaps being so BIG! You'd think a newer kit would not have those issues. - MT

    It is an updated version of an older kit. The F-16a then to the c/d and then tacked on parts to make an e. The E parts are afterthought crap... like saw parts off and then splice them onto the old kit with zero fitment/alignment aid. Luckily, dark colors, tons of weathering, and an impressive loadout should help distract from that.


    With companies like Minibase destroying the competition in modern aircraft kits, it is really hard to go backwards. Nevermind the past 20 years of advancement gunpla and that whole snapfit side has done.

    'Least the next set of gaps are visibly welded onto the foghter so I can afford a little bit of a bead.



  4. 7 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    With those kind of gaps, I recommend Devcon Plastic Welder. You're going to want something stronger than regular putty that will hold it solid and be sandable without cracking, as well as take primer and paint well.

    It's non-sand putty. Once the white putty is dry I'll use a cottonswab and some water to clean away the excess. Pretty handy on fine detailed kits and areas sensitive to sanding.. The joint itself is bonded with gap filling ca glue where tamiya cement wouldn't make contact. These days I gotta save myself headache where I can.

  5. On 5/12/2022 at 9:04 PM, pengbuzz said:

    Can't view instagram.

    There isn't anything to see yet, just the 2 hosts in promotional material holding some random macross figures.

    12 hours ago, ValkAddict said:

    Wow, would love to see this IRL ...


    Need a 3D printer file for this very reason!

  6. 10 hours ago, arbit said:

    How is my Max looking? Any proportions out of wack? Seems to be a common mistake.



    It sounds weird but if you can put him into an asymmetrical pose (one arm and leg more forward than the other for example.) You can then mirror/flip the design horizontally, anything wacky should now jump out at you that it is reveresed.

    On 5/8/2022 at 5:36 PM, Urashiman said:

    Finally decided on the proper VF-9 wheels. Maybe someone can figure out where I took my inspiration?


    You nailed the nose cone's dip! A design element I wish that was carried through into more designs.

  7. Didn't care for it going in but past episode 4 it turned over for me when Marc and Steven finally cleared the air.

    Pretty happy with the ending minus a few of the eyrolling Marvel clichés. Felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to not have Moon Knight do some more unique teamwork with his himself chamging between the suits.

    The post credit 'third' was a great wrap up without completely closeing the door. I like that the story was told without another season already being announced and a unneeded cliffhanger.

  8. I gave in and ordered another platz kit. Guess I'll re-attempt the cockpit laser, and the ram-air intakes.  I remember seeing this build of the Super Sylph using F-16D parts to replace it's resin bubbles. I don't recall seeing anyone attempt the Mave's brick. Might be something in the 3-d printing market by now?

    As for the Jam... Just stare at it until cross-eyed and then blink REALLY fast. lol

  9. On 4/17/2022 at 4:43 PM, electric indigo said:

    I did watch the first minutes of the series and it did nothing for me, but I love Redjuice's illustrations, and the figure is quite exquisite. Wait til I build her galaxy-zappin' superweapon. The eyes are decals (the days where I would have painted them are long gone), and the faded look is in the character's design.

    Is your disk for a Wing-y Gundam?

    Yup. An eternal build that may span generations at this point. I should probably need to have a kid to finish it. lol

    I don't know if it is just the Rei-look alike but it kind of looks like something Reflection would have sculpted back in the day.

  10. I almost choked thinking they were finally going to do some plastic 1/72 kits! Still a must buy even if the older full resin block for a cockpit still is a PITA to model.

    I still need to find a translated copy of book 3 too!

  11. On 4/6/2022 at 11:26 AM, electric indigo said:

    Lacia from Beatless


    Looks lovely, are the eyes decals? They looks kind of faded.

    Did you actually watch the series? All I remember hearing of it was that it was a bad redux of Chobits. 

    On 4/10/2022 at 12:38 PM, CrossAir said:

    And while searching for my old 4-channel receiver I stumbled over my next project: A dusty 1/25 RC Panther - Started building back in the 2000s but somehow never finished it. Details like smoke on the gun and exhaust pipes as well as panel lining, weathering and clear coat are missing and I have to rework some of the decals, too.


    Gotta love when you repick up old projects and just breeze through them a 2nd time!




    20 Years later and I still struggle with making round things. So close but, the final product came out a tad undersized. 😕


  12. 2 minutes ago, Mommar said:

    I don't even know what all the new stuff is from that Manga.

    Wing Gundam Ver. KA: Drei Zwerg
    Deathsycthe: Rousette Backpack
    Sandrock: Armadillo Armor Unit, Unnamed- Trago Style(read:DOM) hover armor with shoulder mounted beam rifles, Armadillo Unit V2 (missile loadout), Combine Heat Shotels together to form a double sided weapon.
    Heavyarms: Igel Unit and Damselfly flight pack
    Shenlong: Liaoya weapon

    Vayate/Mercurius: A base jabber style transport craft

    Proto Wing Zero

    Tallgeese: Tallgeese Zi-Long Prototype, Heatlance, Heat Halbred Axe, developed into the Tallgeese F (Flugel)
    Tallgeese II: Tempest Heatlance,Heat Halbred Axe, Heat Saber

    Wing Zero Custom: Neo Birdmode, Zero System activation armor changes, Drei Zwerg
    Deathscythe Hell: Double Buster Shields, Twin Beam Scissors Scythe
    Sandrock Kai: TV styled shield, additional thrusters, shoulder beam cannons, get a unique Beam Buster Rifle
    Heavyarms Kai: same as EW design.
    Altron Kai (Nataku): Wings and Tail similar to the TV series design, beam cannon from a Virgo II
    Epyon Ver. KA: Sturm Und Drang planet defensor system/Zweihander attachment for the beam sword.

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