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  1. I appreciate the info, that is disappointing because I so want to see the movie but it is hard to get a accurate English subs of animes now a days. And I guess I will be buying a cable to connect my PSP to my HD so I can enjoy Ultimate Frontier in High Def.
  2. I didn't mean to sound too optimistic but I was thinking that for the last 20 years Robotech fans never accepted that Robotech went into a coma and it seems that in another 20 years Robotech fans will still be saying WB will make the movie and if Macross keeps going then I am sure plenty can be done in 20 more years. As for your point on Macross Frontier vs Shadow Chronicles. I can see why so many would be disappointed in realizing the truth, I too was a fool for liking Shadow Chronicles until I refreshed my memories and watched the New Generation saga and then it hit me like "What tha heck, where was Lunk, Sera, Lancer, Rook and Annie?" then when I turned a new leaf and posted it I am sure I would get flamed for calling out the plot holes in Shadow Chronicles, and that would make HG and RT.com mods mad because Shadow Chronicles seems to be the only thing keeping Robotech on life support because I read that memo1demonion and Kevin McKeever said that "shadow chronicles keeps selling and most viewed on Hulu" And Shadow Chronicles did not inspire much, while Macross Frontier inspired an awesome PSP game I got called Macross: Ultimate Frontier and Shadow Chronicles got a cell phone game, so no wonder so many hateg it when you proved Macross is better. I know, I hope my explanation to Robelwell helped clarify that, It just seems that Robotech fans will be waiting an eternity or 2 for something new (or 20 years give or take) and if Macross lives on then I sure hope more anime and movies will come out. At least Voltron movie fans seems to accept the fact the movie will never be made, so why can't Robotech fans?
  3. At a rt.com Macross movie thread (Southern Macrosspeada forum). Nothing other than that. But I should have known he was incorrect because he said "hiatus" means "fast production caused a slow down" or something like that.
  4. Is it true that Shoji Kawamori said he has no interest to market Macross outside of Japan? because I was told by someone claiming to be a Macross fan at rt.com (rhade) that Kawamori said that and that's why we never get legit English subbed Macross movies. Something tells me that is nor correct because if that was true then I am sure Kawamori never would have came to a Macross convention here in the U.S. but it is strange that Macross can never get legit English subs when they know they sell pretty well here in the U.S. or does HG have a strangle hold on imports from BW to customers?
  5. I remember reading that at rt.com and rtX.com that memo1dominion and maverick_lsc and a few others said something like "Robotech will be WB's new tent pole since Harry Potter finished" and I almost knew when I read that it was complete crap. From what I read Robotech would have been way past Shadow Rising and on the 3rd story by now and even had voice actors ready then the crap with WB horned it out of the way. But we all know what is the truth, Robotech has so few fans and not enough to boost its future and if they do not even have faith in a product to mass produce to sell like Transformers then why should HG go all out on a cartoon that hardly anyone would watch or buy? I remember Kevin McKeever writing something like "why make millions of toys if people only buys 5,000" so likewise, if they too cheap to make a million dollar movie if only maybe 5,000 will watch it world wide. I bet Macross will be on their 5th movie or a new series by the time the rest of the Robotech fans realize that HG, Kevin, Tommy, Steve and those caps typing moderators were lying to themselves and eachother. I am glad to be one of the few fans of Robotech that accepts the fact that Robotech is a dry mummy and will never meet the standards it had in the 80s.
  6. I read at Gamefaqs that the Trial Frontier could be a complete port from the PSP game. If that is true then I will still try to get it if the Macross movie has english subs. I usually do not by 2 of the same games but if it means getting a nice game for my PS3 and enjoying the movie then that would be a nice investment. Does anyone know if there will be english subs in the Macross movie that includes Trial Frontier?
  7. Pardon my intrusion, But I wanted to ask if I used the term "hiatus" correctly because I look forward to seeing the Macross movie (not to derail this thread with that) but at another site I commented on the status of Robotech being in "hiatus hell" because a few fans think the Macross movie was "lame" here below is the link: http://www.robotech.com/community/forum/read.php?id=2008733&forumid=24&pagenumber=4 And one thing that makes me wonder is why do so many people (like rhade) claim to be a Robotech and Macross fan but yet ignores the comatose state of Robotech and ignores what Macross has to offer. Maybe some Robotech fans are "sore" at Macross because Macross has much more to offer than Robotech. They so sore that the said member (rhade) told me I need to come here to talk about the flaws in Robotech so I will not get banned. Sorry to pop in suddenly.
  8. Well, I think Syphon Filter:Dark Mirror and Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker has better graphics. But this game is awesome and I am still getting the hang of the controls and functions. This is one of the best games I bought for PSP.
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