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  1. Update! New fun cels added. Thank you for looking guys. I sincerely appreciate it.
  2. Ok guys so many of you have seen my posts for comic art and various Toys, well here are some of the animation cels i am letting go of. I would have kept these cels for ever but as some of my friends here know I may not be able to pull through this and I need to make sure my family doesn't have to pay for medical bills later. I'd like to get as many of these gone as soon as possible. I will combine shipping on multiple purchases. I may also be willing to accept reasonable offers. As always i am on the straight shooter list and have worked with several people here. I accept paypal (personal payments) regular payments please add 4%. 4) Yamato/Star Blazers Sgt. Knox cel. This cel was mounted via staples in a thick paper frame by someone in its past. Cel shows Knox seated "indian style" from a scene where a holographic hulla girl is dancing. A cool cel that i have been proud to own. ($50 + shipping) 5) Yamato/Star Blazers Sgt. Knox cel. This cel shows Knox in full battle uniform with rifle and looking through binoculars. A good looking cel. ($50 + shipping) 6) The Real Ghostbusters main character cel. This cel has all four primary characters: Peter, Igon, Ray, and Winston. A great looking cel. ($25 + shipping) 7) She-Ra Hordak's horde trooper cel. Great looking cel comes with pencil art as well. ($20 + shipping) She-Ra Hordak's horde trooper cel. Another great looking cel. Comes with pencil art for Kowl, one of She-Ra's companions. ($20 + shipping) 9) Non-production cel Sue Graham Cel. This cel was produced for the Robotech Masterpiece Alpha line. Comes with original back ground as well. ($19 + shipping) MORE TO COME! Note: white spots on cels are glare from flash.
  3. Update.. Removed sold art panels. Will be adding more soon. Moderators please do not close this thread. Thank you
  4. Thank you Mr. Lane.. Well everyone you saw that.. so don't be shy. We all know what a great artist he is and how in demand his work is. Thank you everyone for looking and again to Mr. Lane.
  5. Update... original panels listed have been sold. I will be posting other art panels soon. Moderators please do not lock this thread.
  6. I want to thank Gakken85 for working with me. He's a great person and you couldn't ask for a better person to work with. Thank you again to everyone who has worked with me here at Macross World... you guys are great.. and I appreciate you all.
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