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  1. Rrraraahahaghaghagh I broke it I broke it.......my gorgeous amazing Sentinal 1/12 Stick ride armor........ughghhghghg.


    I was transforming the armor to cycle mode to box up in order to send it, along with all my other toys, and I was really thrilled with myself cause I don't think I'd ever had all the parts just locking into place so perfectly.  This was by far the best transformation I'd ever done.


    And it happened.  The {SNAP} that each and every once of dreads so badly when we handle our toys.

    Just a clean break.....right.....right......HERE:




    First of all, sorry if this is your pic I stole from google images.  The piece that hugs up against the bike feels metal, and the pin that's supposed to swivel the plastic part just sheared clean off.  And the plastic is useless without a solid pin going through it.


    UGH.  I feel like puking.  This toy was expensive as hell when it came out and now it's like two or three times the price.  I made sure to be extra careful with it at all times....I babied that thing....and now this.


    I suppose if I had a teeny drill small enough to get through the metal I could try to get a new pin in there, but I own no such tools. All I could do was mournfully pack the toy back in its box and wonder if I'll ever be able to come up with a decent fix that doesn't cause even more trouble.


    And it was all lined up so perfectly too.  UUGUUGUHHGHHHH.


  2. I watched the two hour documentary on Anno that aired on NHK.   Found it online with subtitles.

    It was very eye-opening.  There's no doubt at all that the guy was gifted and had unbridled talent when he was younger, but these days he just seems like an emperor with no clothes.

    That "final" Evangelion movie was a big-time let down and nothing to write home about.  Unfortunately I think his creativity peaked more than 20 years ago.

    22 hours ago, tekering said:

    I'd like to be the first to congratulate Hideaki Anno for winning 2022's "Stupidest idea of the year" award.

    I mean, it's only February, but I can't imagine any dumber concept will rear its head...  Any five year-old in his sandbox would scoff at this. <_<


    Oh man.  That's a bold statement!  I think we're gonna see a LOT of ideas far stupider than this in the coming months, but I do agree that this is just a pathetic idea that just reeks of "cash grab" and his devoted following will be all too happy to fork over their money.

  3. Maybe the wrong thread, but I honestly don't know where to post this...

    The other day I bought an old SF Japanese manga from 1983 cause I wanted the cover art.


    Unfortunately, the thing was so musty and smelled of almost 40 years of moldy Japanese closets I got asthma just from handling it.


    I only wanted the cover so I cut off the front and back and ditched the rest.  Sorry....I didn't like doing it, but it was smelly.


    Anyway, the back cover was a cool surprise; this awesome old ad for Macross toys!!  These are obviously the smaller scale toys, but still cool!



    I love seeing stuff like this...just reminds me of how awesome it was growing up in the 80s.

  4. My bro is here in Japan with and and absolute newbie about shipping and receiving toys. He's talking to a guy in Taiwan and came to me for help, but I've always never dealt with anyone from Taiwan.

    If you're reading this from Taiwan, PLEASE give a shout out to some fellows collectors and help our uneducated asses out....it'll be very very much appreciated!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  5. A while back I broke the rear strut that holds the fast pack on to the Bandai DX YF-19.  The one that slides over the shield and plugs in for fighter mode.  It drives me crazy.  I bought a VERY expensive 3D printed piece but it was the wrong color.

    I know this is a long shot, but if you've got one to part with I'll make it worth your while....I have all those missiles that also came with the set and I've never used them and never intend to use them.  Other than the arm cannon (which I like) I'd be willing to trade a handful of those sought after missiles for my missing strut.

    If it sounds good, let me know!

    PS....only drawback is I'm in Japan and we all know the current shipping situation here.  But hey....for that piece I'm missing, we can work something out!


  6. I guess this is as good a place as any to ask....


    Warning...this question has probably been answered many times over the years, but I'm gonna ask it again...


    Anyone ever rig the light up fold booster from the old Yamato release to fit on the Bandai version?  I love the detail on the Bandai version, but I also think it would be cool to see the light sequence from the Yamato on the Bandai DX.

  7. I still absolutely love this thing.


    My only regret is that I broke the rear strut to keep the fold booster on.


    I bought one from shapways.....super expensive.   But....it was the wrong color.   Better than nothing I guess.


    Thing is, I never, ever, ever use the missiles.  I strictly deck it out as seen in the OVA/Movie so the only extra weapon I've ever used is the arm cannon.


    Is there any chance some forum member out there has an extra fold booster strut and wants to trade me for a handful of missiles and attachments or something?   I've had this thing two years and never even taken them out of the box, so I doubt I'll miss them.


    Longshot, I know....but hey...hit me up if it sounds plausible!

  8. Well, now that 2019 is just about in the history books, it's official:  The Hi Metal R VF4 Lightning III is hands down my toy of the year.  Nothing else I bought this year came close.  What an amazing little toy; just lovely in both modes.

    I'm sure you all were dying to know what some stranger thought was the best toy of the year....but now you know.  Merry Christmas!

  9. 13 hours ago, Mazinger said:

    What I find funny is that my buddy whom I met in college, worked for Harmony Gold and actually helped code the 2002-ish version of the RT website.  I've actually been to the offices.  I remember seeing the RT3000 poster on the wall thinking, what the hell is that thing about? What does Dr Manhattan have to do with the Invid?  Why is there a poster of a live-action Heidi movie I've never heard of on the wall next to it?

    I found it odd.  HG wasn't producing anything that I knew off. The offices were in the movie theater they own on Sunset in Hollywood. That was also weird to me.  I didn't know the ins/outs of the Agrama family at the time, but it seemed odd to me that the people responsible for RT owned a stand-alone movie theater that didn't show any movies, that they didn't make anything else, and that they weren't importing other anime, much less any new Macross stuff like Zero. 

    Oh well, I eventually learned.  He did share with me that while the RT webstore got so-so traffic, the forums associated with the site had lots and lots of traffic, so much so that he, being one of the main webdevs at the time, had to rescue and move them around to better hosts a couple of times.  They seemed to churn through employees at a fair clip.  After a couple of years he left too.  It was just a job to him, he was never really into Macross, though his brother owned Plus on VHS when it came out.

    I drove past it many times when I lived in LA briefly in 2003.  You couldn't miss it....HARMONY GOLD in huge gold block letters.  I thought "geez, how did those guys afford an office here, they don't DO anything?  Didn't they go out of business in the 80s?"

    I guess they're still around....


  10. The year isn't over yet but it's gonna take a lot to dethrone the VF-4 Lightning III as toy of the year for me.

    As you may recall, I'm new to Macross toys, as my horrific blunders with the DX-YF 19 have demonstrated in the past.


    But I adore this thing.

    Last night I transformed it from fighter to battroid in a perfect transformation.  Nothing fell off, nothing got squeezed, everything pegged together gorgeously the way it was supposed to.  Since I got it in Spring this is probably the best I've ever got it with everything aligned perfectly.

    It's a work of art.   I'm gonna savor it for a while that way before my next transformation to fighter mode.

    Anyone else, novices and seasoned collectors alike get a toy lined up so perfectly they're reluctant to mess with it for a while, in order to just bask in the perfection?


    I know there's a bigger Arcadia version on the horizon but I don't feel the need for it, Scale be damned.  This thing is just so lovely.   And what a thrill to have it all peg together tightly and naturally all on the first try.  I love that unique Battroid mode too, with the "cut off" fuselage as the chest.   So cool.

    Second favorite valkyrie aside from YF-19.   I don't really want a bigger Lightning but a HM-R YF-19 would be the bees knees  Maybe someday.


    So the point of my rambling....ever get a toy to align to perfectly, that you're almost reluctant to transform it again?

  11. Well, the answer is simple.....I didn't.  That photo is sideways!  I couldn't rotate it so I just said screw it.  The stand is just laying flat and gravity is doing its thing.

  12. I can't paint worth a crap, but I brushed on a layer of Tamiya acrylic X-5 green onto the shapeways piece.

    It's definitely not a match but it's much better than the bright green, no?  And definitely better to have a slightly off color piece that functions than a broken piece that doesn't work at all.


  13. Thanks to jaustin89 I have my replacement part already!   Unbelievable!   (Although, after paying $30 for shipping getting it in about a week does feel kind of right.)

    The piece seems to fit just fine.  My only gripe is that it's clearly the wrong color, something most of you could probably fix in 20 seconds, but I've never been able to paint anything without making a horrible mess.  Wouldn't know what color to go with either....just a military green like they used on jeeps?


    Anyway, regardless of the color, I'm just thrilled to have this thing intact again.  Thanks jaustin!!





  14. 9 hours ago, Jaustin89 said:

    Not perfect but it should be close enough to work (The geometry of the support struts is a bit off, they have a rounder cross section rather than the elongated diamond of the stock part. Should just be a visual difference) and there are some supports I had to add that will have to be removed.


    Shapeways is saying there's a thin wall but from what I'm seeing it's just an error in their automatic analysis and shouldn't effect print ability. If you run into any issues with it let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.


    I'll put the pylons and adapters up after I order some test prints to ensure they work.

    wait.....did you just whip that up just for me, just now???


    This is my first shapeway order....very very reasonable price!   Until I got to the shipping to Japan....$29.99!!  Ouch!!

    Totally worth it though....I can't wait for my fold booster to finally be fixed and be able to connect properly.


    Mr. Austin.....THANK YOU!!

  15. 9 hours ago, Jaustin89 said:

    I'm starting to work on models for the YF-19 missile pylons and some expanded options for mounting (Three reaction miisles per hardpoint anyone?) now but I threw that bracket in my bag of parts to model. Not my top priority but I'll see what I can do.

    You sir, just became my best friend.

  16. Anyone making replacements for the part I broke??


    Likely not...I'm probably the only one that broke it...




    Gee thanks for flipping my image for no reason, imgur.

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