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  1. I swear she did all 4 when I saw her in 2014 (I think) and three of the 4 in 2012. I think she just spreads out the songs to keep them from getting stale or too Frontier heavy. Especially as she keeps producing new songs, doesn't want half her show to be from anime that is 10 years old. At least that is how I took it. But it could be a licensing thing.
  2. I wasn't supposed to take pics. So not sure it is ok to post on her site. this isn't an action shot of a janitor doing his job. Instead right behind him is the cute little butt of our favorite little singer. Yup that's May'n!
  3. I went to the JPop Summit, May'n was awesome. Got several photos of her. And three with her, in a group. Tried recording some of the concert, but security was tight and very strict. Here is a pic as she and the other performers were walking off stage after they did a collaborative closing song.
  4. Anyone going to the JPop festival in San Francisco? May'n will be there to perform, also a photo and autograph session with her.
  5. They need to let her new videos be watched by people in the U.S. I don't understand why they have suddenly cut us off.
  6. A lot of her songs are missing in that list. But since this is a Macross forum, I assume 'Lion' is the one missing, since it was huge hit for her. Otherwise her newest songs like Darlin' isn't included. So for this cd set, did she go through and re-record all the songs? Particularly all the older ones.
  7. Interview on stage in Japan town SF. May'n performing Moshimo Kimi Ga Negau No Nara
  8. Of her most recent album and singles, "In the Air" "Re:Remember" and "Soliste" are my favorites. Wish she had sang Soliste at the concert. Anyway, sorry for the delay, here is the footage I recorded from the JPop summit in Union Square. It is "In the Air" and "Brain Diver". I will upload the last song later and maybe the interview she did in English. Sorry for the quality, it was recorded with my cellphone.
  9. The concert in San Fran was amazing! I arrived there in time to see her give an interview at the JPop summit in Japan town. Her English has improved dramatically, did a full interview in english on stage. Later Saturday evening, she showed up again at Union Square where they were having a concert with several other performers. Una and Tokyo Girls Style were there. May'n came out at the end, talked a little about her show at Slim's Sunday night and hoped we would all be there. Then performed three songs for the crowd. In the Air Brain Diver MOSHIMO KIMI GA NEGAU NO NARA I recorded the whole thing, but don't think I can attach it here. Too big. But of course she was easily the best performer of the night. Sunday night at Slim's was absolutely awesome! Truly a beautiful and amazing performer, with an incredible voice that is even better live. Really goes all out for the crowd. Did a lot of talking with us as well, and as I said before her English is great. It was good two years ago when she was at Yoshi's in SF, however still had a translater for the meet and greets. But this time, no need for a translator or anything. She asked the crowd questions and replied just fine. She sang: Vivid Run Real Run Brain Diver May'n Space Morning of Determination Aozora Re:Remember A bad ass Macross Frontier Medley-Welcome to My Fan Club's Night (MF version), What About My Star, Infinity, Universal Bunny, Obelisk, Don't Be Late Diamond Crevasse Moonwalker Song of the Day Hero Nothern Cross Chase the World Love Colored Today ENCORE: Lose My Illusions Dolce Phonic Nation Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare It was difficult to take pics during the concert as they had slims staff and security watching. So just a few blurry shots and quick vids.
  10. I am going to the San Fran show, and hoping to be there in time to see her the day before at the J-pop summit.
  11. Why does Japan get hosed on the release date? Of all the countries, Japan is the last to get a movie based on their kaiju?
  12. ^ Me too. One of the track titles was something like "Qui Gon Jin's funeral". I was like, oh crap... And tried to unlearn what. I have just learned. But it was too late.
  13. She added San Francisco as well. http://tickets.slims-sf.com/events/418605/May-n Will anyone from here be going? I wish she would come to the Dallas area, but I highly doubt that will happen, so. I will have to fly out to Cali and catch her there.
  14. May'n just added L.A. to her World Tour: http://mayn-usa.com/2014/04/mayn-returns-los-angeles-special-show-musicians-institute/
  15. Her latest video.... Or at least the first 30 seconds or so: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OL_dxkmYi4Y&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DOL_dxkmYi4Y
  16. Do you know if her May'n World Tour 2012「ROCK YOUR BEATS」documentary, that is coming out on DVD is also going to be released on Bluray? Seems like everything I am seeing is just DVD. I hope that is not the case.
  17. Yeah me too... surprising and a little disappointing. Sat mornings are usually reserved for they ultra kiddie stuff. Though, I never liked how they treated Grievous in this show like a Saturday morning cartoon villian... I guess now it will be more appropriate. LOL
  18. Awesome 3 minute long trailer: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/08/26/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-5-trailer-maul-mandalorians-and-one-angry-lightsaber-wielding-darth-sidious-exclusive/ Darth Sidious gets involved!!!
  19. I was at SF show, I think that list is dead on. Those are the songs I remember her singing, and in that order.
  20. Twice! I shook her hand as we greeted each other. But when I told her who I was on her blog, her face lit up, and she said "you write to me everyday!!!" and shook my hand again. Then said "thank you so much!" I wish I could have take a picture with her. They wouldn't allow them, and Yoshi's had their security guys walking around to check. But I still snuck a few while in line to see her.
  21. ^Those cosplayers were at the concert in San Francisco. Awesome concert by the way! Met May'n afterwards and told her who I was on her blog, she was extremely excited about that! My friend who went with me, has never heard of May'n or listen to anything Japanese, but she is big in the music scene and goes to at the very least 1 concert a week. She was extremely impressed by May'n and her band.
  22. I assume the LA show has a meet and greet like the SF show. For those going, can you tell us how early before the show they let you in to see her? For the SF show, I guess I am going to show up around noon when the box office opens to pic up tix. I called Yoshi's and they really have no idea. LOL
  23. Full Trailer: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/06/11/star-wars-the-clone-wars-season-5-trailer-darth-maul-death-watch-battle-over-the-galaxy-exclusive/
  24. I'm going to show in San Francisco and can't wait. I have her concerts on bluray, but I got to ask, are we going to get the same type of performance? I mean my friend who lives there said Yoshi's is very small. I wonder if we are going to have her band there. Or if the music will be piped in. I figure her main dancers will be there, and I am confident that we will still have an awesome show with her singing her heart out. But I do wonder how much she will be limited from putting on the big show she does at her huge signature concerts. I also bought the ticket to meet her!!! : )
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